May 26, 2016

5 Tips for Co-Creating with the Universe.


If we’re ready to create change but feel stuck, it may be time to remove the fear-based blockages that are holding us back.

If we’ve been trying everything to control our situation and are getting frustrated because it’s not working out, we may be acting out of stress, worry or scarcity. If we operate from those places, we’ll create more worry, stress and lack in our life.

There were days when I felt cornered by my failures.

Disappointment around jobs or relationships that didn’t work out led to so much anxiety that I convinced myself I would end up alone or unemployed forever. I was acting out of scarcity and fear, and accepted sh*tty jobs and relationships that were out of alignment with my self-worth. I knew I couldn’t continue to criticize myself and stay in these situations that weren’t loving.

When we’re ready for a major shift, it often comes in the form of confusion, stagnation, frustration and the anxious desire to change our lives. This storm arrives to cleanse and clear fear debris and redirect our course toward love-based actions.

Through the simple act of quiet time, I opened up a space to listen.

When I asked for guidance, my inner voice responded, but this time she wasn’t criticizing me. She was helping me connect the dots. For the first time, I realized I didn’t need to control everything or accept sh*tty jobs and relationships, because I am always supported by my higher-self—and she’s badass. This act of co-creating with the universe has removed the immense pressure I placed on myself and continues to support me in building a life that feeds my soul on the deepest level.

What is co-creating?

Co-creating means taking aligned action from a place of inner guidance. When things are flowing smoothly and happening easily in our lives, those are signs that we’re on the right track. When we co-create with the universe, it will take care of the “hows,” but must we decide to take action. There’s a catch, though. Usually this action is way out of our comfort zone.

Want to start co-creating, but not sure how? These tips helped me:

1. Create Specific Dialogue.

Words carry energy; this is the same energy that supports our dreams. When I want to make something happen, I talk about it from a place of love to friends and family, and I align with that vibration. This is an important step to call in that universal support, because we must know what we want in order to receive it. So, get specific!

2. Create a Morning Ritual.

Before I start my day, I make space to hear my inner voice and ask higher creative forces to work through me. Place your hand on your heart and ask to be supported and guided with choices today. The more we slow down and ask for guidance, the more our intuition will help us, so practicing daily is ideal to open that channel.

3. Journaling.

When I’m stuck or in need of a deeper answer, I invite my spirit guides to join me on the page to help me co-create. When we open up to inner wisdom and ask why a situation is happening, we can connect to our higher-self. Ask why, and trust whatever comes in and shows up on the page. This helps us design directives from a place of love.

3. Follow Your Highest Excitement.  

What are the things we naturally gravitate toward in our free time—the activities that light us up the most? For me, it was listening and connecting to people, which led me to the path of coaching. Pursuing these activities will put us into flow and help us become clear on our action steps. Flow brings us into co-creating with the universe.

5. Start Small and Take Action.

We can’t just sit back thinking the universe will do everything for us; a big part of being a universal co-creator is taking action. I notice that when I show up actively in my daily life, I am supported by and align with the right people and situations. Start small and be patient during this process, because it doesn’t happen overnight.

Enjoy these tips, and start co-creating today!


Author: Callie Maggiori

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pexels


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