May 15, 2016

Dear Body, I Love You.

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Dear Body,

I love your every curve. It reminds me of the curves in nature, and I find so much beauty in nature that I acknowledge the beauty in you for not being flat.

I love the imperfections in your tone—the scars and bruises. It shows me you’ve moved and lived—and learned a thing or two along the way.

I love how you shape-shift from one day to the next. It reminds me not to attach to anything in life. That everything is fluid, and that nothing is permanent. I used to try to keep you consistent, and now I let go of that resistance to welcome your evolution. I watch you like waves as we ebb and flow through life together.

I love your wrinkles and smoothness—your bumps and softness. I acknowledge your physical and energetic yin and yang that give me reason to practice balance.

You are my yoga. My meditation.

Sometimes I dislike you because you don’t do what I say, but then I think of all the times I’ve not done what someone asked of me. They were often moments when I didn’t know better or didn’t mean to “not listen.” So I forgive you. I forgive me too. We’re in this together.

I used to try to make you into another body—the image of another more perfect body. I tried to fit you into another vessel. But in those moments when I let you go, you steadfastly held onto the sacredness of your shape. Because you are mine and want to be mine.

You are here when I fall and support me when I get back up. You are a miracle in all that you do without uttering a single word. You prove the power of silence to be true.

All those days I fed you too little or too much, you gave me one more breath to make a better choice.

You are the body that houses my soul, which has touched many and allows me to love my community, my friends, my family, my pet, my life partner.

I see you. I hear you. I appreciate you. Thank you for being my companion.

Your spiritual being living a human experience.


Author:  Ayami Yamamichi

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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