May 15, 2016

Getting Deep in our Bhujangasana.

The Cobra often gets a bad rap.

Analogized with pure evil, snakes are often referred to in a context that is both dark and negative, but through the practice of yoga, Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana takes on a new, powerful meaning.

The cobra, as he slithers through his environment, is a symbol of power.

He leaves no footprints and is nearly undetectable.

He sheds his outer being over and over again, reinventing himself, and starting again fresh.

He lives in a world of all or nothing—he is not hesitant, but rather acts with enormous power and strength when he chooses action.

Cobra pose is one where the body must reinvent its use of space and shed its conception of its own pliability.

The body goes into deep sedentary space with a concentration of power through the spine, leaving no footprint and requiring no grandiosity.

Yet, concentrating breath, energy and internal prowess, works conjointly to push through the ground into the air, giving the Cobra its ability to do its royal dance and receive its communion.

Being able to receive this sunlight, seek presence and simply be in its power, is one of the greatest benefits of this asana.





Author: Jairo Sanin

Editor: Travis May

Image: Author’s Own

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