May 28, 2016

How To “Change” Your Life Explained in 39 Seconds.


How do you change any aspect of your life?

One “domino” at a time. As a culture, that answer isn’t good enough. We love to romanticize transformation.

We compare our insides to other people’s outsides and we miss the “behind the scenes” work that has gotten them to where they currently stand.

We look at Disney movies, Pixar, and that damn fish Nemo who figured it out in under 90 minutes…and we imagine that if a fish can do it, so can we.

But, transforming or changing your life isn’t a 90-minute process. Nor a 90-day process (even if some programs tell you that).

It’s a moment to moment experience.

You transform your life by “knocking over” one “domino” at a time. You might hit your fitness goals, financial numbers, or knock over the “right” domino today, but what counts most is how you show up for the next domino.

What counts most is how you show up for the next moment.

Transforming your life doesn’t happen by simply changing a behavior. Change happens in the moments you decide to start knocking over the small “dominos” on your way to larger ones.

My domino inspiration came from this gentleman below, who happened to sum it up pretty well in 39 seconds.

Boom, as he says.





Author: Joshua Barad

Photo: Flickr/David Ou

Editor: Travis May

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