May 25, 2016

I’m Doing my Best to Not be completely Full of Sh*t.

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*Warning: Strong Language Below!*


One of the superpowers I like to think I have is an ability to see when you’re full of shit (takes one to know one, right?).

Generally, my body (which is much smarter than my brain) sends me a “signal” that tells me there’s something “off” about what you’re saying. Your words don’t match who you’re being in some way.

I imagine spending thousands of hours between 2010 and 2014 playing pro poker helped me flex this overdeveloped muscle. (You bluffing?)

This “power” has become a human barometer for me—not only in my life, but also in my business. As I slide the slippery slope of entrepreneurship, there are micro-moments where I can easily fall into being full of shit.

I’d like to say that I’m never full of shit, but I’d be lying, which would make me even more full of shit.

I can choose a tactic that might make me more money, have me look more “credible” or paint me as more of a guru—or I can not.

When I came across this video by Gary Vaynerchuck (below), it hit me.

Especially this line, “The further you’re willing to go down the truth barrel, the more you’re going to win.”

I’m doing my best not to sell out.

I’m doing my best to not be completely full of shit.

How I make my money is more important than how much I make. I refuse to sell people bullshit. I refuse to be completely full of shit. I’m committed to real business. Something that will make a difference in your life.

As I consider this message through the lens of business, I see parallels in many other areas of my life:

How I love is more important than how much love I get.

How present I am with you is more important than how many people I’m present with.

How I self-express with words is more important than being “grammatically correct.”

How I serve you is more important than attempting to serve the masses.

How I show up to support you in changing your life is more important than trying to “change the world.”

While my superpower might be smelling bullshit (my own included), I believe most humans possess a similar trait. I believe that you also have a “bullshit detector” that guides the choices you make and the relationships you create.

Refuse to sell people bullshit or show up in any other way than what is true for you.

It might not feel “lucrative” in the short term, but at least I, you and your grandchildren won’t look back on this moment and think, “He was such an asshole.” (See video.)

If you’re joining me along the ride down the truth barrel, I commend you—even if you are in fact full of shit sometimes.


Author: Joshua Barad

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Doug Beckers/Flickr


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