May 13, 2016

Nah, I’m not a Bad B*tch—I’m a Woman with Soul.

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“Honor that girl inside you. Remember who you were before you cared for what you look like. Before you knew the sting of rejection. Before you were told you couldn’t, or that you weren’t or that you hadn’t. You are still that girl—before the labels, the roles, the pains that girl lives on. She is the goddess within you.” ~ S.C. Lourie


I don’t care about all the hype, and I’m tired of trying to wear the nonchalance of the bad bitch because the truth is that was never me, nor will it ever be—because I am a woman with soul.

I don’t walk though this life trying to make my sh*t look good for others, because I am too busy making damn sure that it feels good—to me.

It seems, as women, we are being sold the over-homogenized definition of attitude so sharp, it stings anyone who comes close enough—bodies that are filled with injections and artificial substances, hair that is bought and sold across a counter, dirty from the misfortune of being born a woman with something to prove.

And oh, yeah—trust me when I say these are fightin’ words.

But you know what? Take that bad bitch, sit her down, and let her know that everything she is trying to be—she already is, if only she trusted that little girl inside her enough to let her out and play every once in a while.

It’s not cool to go through this life wearing a hardened shell, talking smack and bringing drama so heavy it seems as if you’re trying to audition for the leading role of your own life. My life, your life—no one’s life is meant to be a blockbuster hit, and the truth is honey, the more you advertise what you’ve got—or what you’ve screwed up—the more it  comes back to show you that nothing’s gonna fill you up in this life—except yourself

You’ve gotta take that first step and understand that what makes you a woman with class is knowing no one has got what you’ve got.

Walking just a bit taller and letting your beautiful round hips sway just a little more fully is a song that only you sing, but you aren’t gonna get that way by pretending to be someone that you are not.

And while I may be stepping out on a limb here, nobody ever became somebody by showing off all their goods—you want respect, darlin’?  Then start respecting yourself first.

Wear what you want—whatever makes you feel good—but don’t dress down your worth because someone somewhere told you your only job was to be eye candy for men who can’t see where your true sweetness lays.

Let’s put this goddamn bad bitch philosophy to rest, because in truth, our grandmothers would be ashamed that we’ve let ourselves become nothing more than a cultural stereotype at the hands of the very same people they worked to try to prove something to, because they wanted us to have a different life than them—a better life.

They did not pave the way through feminism and racial injustices only to have us label ourselves a “bad bitch” and then go about living our lives as if we forgot how amazing we are.

We are so much more than that—we are women with soul, whose bodies bring life into this world. We are sensitive and soft—nurturing and homemakers. We laugh until we cry and work until we can’t take one more step—yet we still do. We are fire and thunder—and though we may be vulnerable, damn the person who tries to hurt us or someone we love.

The softest women are often the strongest—they just don’t go about broadcasting it, because they’ve learned anything that truly needs to be said doesn’t always have to be roared, and sometimes it’s the whispers that create the most waves.

We aren’t afraid of the “L word,” and we shine down our warmth on anyone who crosses our path—we realize that our divine feminine energy is what blossoms crimson beneath our hearts and radiates out through our every movement and action.

Women with soul do not take kindly to being force-fed the bitter ideals of beauty that are traded among the artificial hands of men who have taught us that we need to be flawless in order to be worthy. That we need to paint ourselves in makeup so thick our light is dimmed, and the only way our bodies are desirable is if they have been carved by a plastic surgeon and tanned to perfection—because we are so much more than just a body.

Women with soul have heart.

Our worth is not found by the number of men we have f*cked—but instead, by the number of lives we have touched. We do not take just anyone to bed so we won’t be alone, but rather, we fall asleep at peace each evening content in knowing that we trust in the universe and all of its plans

We have learned that it’s better to be alone, than with someone but still lonely.

Women with soul don’t believe in competition—we don’t get jealous of other amazing beautiful females, nor do we wish any of them bad luck. You won’t be able to find us gossiping about others behind their backs, but what you will notice is how we go out of our way for anyone.

For us, there is no holding back in this goddamn wonderful amazement at life—we are simply all in.

We are just as comfortable in bed with our lover—licking him down until he moans our name—as we are dancing in the kitchen barefoot, as we make our children pancakes for breakfast, or as we volunteer our time with those less fortunate than we are.

The simple truth is that we haven’t just picked one aspect of ourselves to let flourish, but we have incorporated all of our quirks and personalities—our passions and fears, our weaknesses and our strengths—and we have combined them into the rare opalescent jewel that we wear in our crown.

Because there is nothing quite like a woman who has stumbled upon her true worth, and then lives her life in the daily truth of whatever makes her heart soar.

So no, I’m not a bad bitch—I never was either, because I am so much more.

I am a woman with soul.




Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixabay

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