May 22, 2016

When we get quiet enough, for long enough, we remember. {Poem}

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When we get quiet enough
For long enough
We remember

To recognize something in our external world
Is to invoke that quality within the inner

To see is to call forth
To embody
To exude

The world acts as a mirror
An eternal teacher
Reminding us sweetly
Of who we really are

When we get quiet enough
For long enough
We can hear the whispers

Of what is right
Of what is true
And most importantly
Which way is home

Let’s unlearn
Time and time again
Move from knowing to feeling
From doing to being

Staying quiet enough
Just long enough
To bask in our own awareness
And simmer in the essence of our soul.


Author: Alexa Torontow

Image: used with permission from Annabelle Blythe

Editor: Emily Bartran

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