June 22, 2016

This Summer will Change You—Are You Ready?


When we hear someone say, “Please don’t change,” we might feel quite bewildered by the sentiment.

Are we meant to stay the same, to stagnate and to remain still and exactly as we are now—forever? Hell no. We are changing with every moment, whether we realize, like, accept it or not.

And this summer is going to be life changing. I will guarantee it.

We are at the very beginning of a brand new season and it is all about to play out. Then, when we reach the rustic hues of autumn we will take a glance back, and barely recognize who we are now and how we felt today.

We can change small or we can change big—it is our choice, either way; it is occurring.

One of the main ingredients for transformational change is that we first need to want it—really thirstily, madly, badly.

Now, I know this can seem like a lot of hard work—to change who we are, and leave behind the old—and it may feel terrifying at times. But, guess what: Life is not meant to be easy. It is supposed to be vivid, wild, sensational, weathered with thunderstorms, rainbows, sunshine and rainfall and it is supposed to shake us up so vigorously that we feel alive.

Although life can sometimes be gentle, peaceful, calm and breathtaking and it will gracefully wrap us up safe in a tight cocoon and then deliver our wings, it can also treacherously tear them away from us before we have a chance to open, flutter and fly with them. We can try screaming, breaking down with pain, throwing ourselves on the ice-cold floor and convincing ourselves that we don’t want to move forward and we can maybe try to resist change and pretend it isn’t happening, however, regardless of our struggle, we will still alter and change with every moment that passes. And so will everything around us.

Everything in the whole universe vibrates, is in motion and is constantly changing. And, human beings aren’t excluded from that law.

Often, before we experience any significant change we first go through a variety of emotional states and some of them are unwanted and severe. Change usually takes place when something has brought us down to our knees, and because the landing is felt so sharply we have no choice but to take notice. It is then that we listen to the intensity and strength of our attention seeking, painful and constricting emotions. We will then feel compelled to make alterations to alleviate them and if we listen, really listen, we will greatly benefit.

In many ways this process is similar to a snake shedding its skin. When we remove the old layers that no longer fit, we can see the beauty of what is hidden underneath.

One of the really strange things about change is that although we are constantly moving through life, we are also moving backwards at the same time. The reason for this is that for many of us, who we are right now is not the same character and does not fit the blueprint of the person we began life as. Throughout our lives we have intentionally or unintentionally been molded, shaped and conditioned by our parents, caregivers, teachers, peers, and society, to behave in a certain way. Many times we will have been told the “right” way to think and feel, so before we can freely become who we are at the very core of our being, we first have to unravel everything that is wrapped around us tightly so that our insides can breathe and shine through on the outside.

Summertime is the perfect time to embrace change as the sun emanates a high energetic vibration, and that high energy is directly correlated to the frequency of the heart’s energy. Therefore, we will be far more likely to radiate unconditional love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude towards ourselves, and others, during these few months. This will make it far easier to move through change and forgive past mistakes and heal open wounds. We will also feel far more radiant, passionate and our desire for connection, pleasure and intimacy will be at a high. We are also far more intuitive, perceptive and full of positive emotions when the sun is shining, so any opportunities that are sent our way can be seen with clarity so that we can make choices that align and resonate with our inner being.

Spending time outdoors in bright daylight can profoundly affect both the mind and the body as it delivers light warm awakening breezes and vibrant, soothing, glowing, revitalizing, replenishing, revelatory, exuberant sun kissed energy.

We will also be energetically spinning on a higher frequency, as on warmer days we tend to eat foods that carry a higher vibration. We will be drawn to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, and we will be less likely to consume low vibrational foods, such as meat and processed foods. This means we will feel lighter, more buoyant, we will have heightened awareness and a clearer mind and we will experience an infectious zest for living life to the fullest.

When the days are warmer we opt for clothes that reflect our mood and also the weather. The colors of the clothes we wear will also lift our energy. White is a popular color during the summer months as it reflects the light and keeps us cool. White has positive qualities that are associated with intuition, humility, sincerity, goodness, cleansing, and new beginnings. We are also drawn to wear brighter colors, for example, shades of yellow that signify warmth, abundance, optimism and free communication.

It is a period when it feels natural to let go of the weight of our old, heavy belongings, so that we can adventure out and roam freely with careless abandon before watching the sunset at the end of a long, sun soaked day.

Overall, the step away from Spring in to the fiery Summer’s haze is a giant one and it is also a powerful catalyst for change.

If we attune to the sun’s glorious, powerful energy, we will feel alert, awake, aware, creative, inspired, upbeat and motivated and generally spurred on to put in to action those plans that have been resting on the back-burner.

This summer is giving us everything we need to take a giant leap and stand with arms outstretched under the rays of the bright golden sunlight. It is going to change us. It is undeniable, inevitable. There is no escaping it, so it will be far more enjoyable if we just surrender to it and love and appreciate it for all that it offers.

It will be one hell of a ride if we are courageous and willing to keep our eyes wide open and absorb the intoxicating mixture of beauty and chaos that is within and spinning all around. We are always changing, but it is how open we are to allowing those changes to happen that determines how much we will grow.

As each season changes, we change too.




Author: Alex Myles

Image: Flickr/Benjamin Thomas

Editors: Travis May; Catherine Monkman

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