July 11, 2016

5 Dating Mantras to Invite Love.

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One of the most powerful ways to bring an idea or desire to life is to focus our thoughts and words on it.

Energy flows where attention goes, and the more we repeat something the more true it feels.

So the words we roll around our head all day matter. In fact, on a very real level, our thoughts actually create matter.

The thing is, when we’re not being mindful about the hamster wheel we’re spinning around thoughtlessly in our heads again and again, we’re often bringing more of what we don’t want to life than what we do.

Every time we focus on lack (“There aren’t any good people to date out there, I don’t have enough time or money …”), we reinforce lack in our lives.

Of course, the beauty of this is the opposite is also true.

The more abundance and possibility—and yes, love—you focus on, the more you’ll get to experience those things as your reality.

These positively reinforcing bundles of words are known as mantras—one Buddhist definition of which is “mind protector.” Mantras help carve healthy and nurturing grooves into your brain, which translate into healthy and nurturing relationships in your life (including with yourself).

So you can think of the mantras below as love-inviters and self-protectors; as simple but powerful ways to attune your energy to a love frequency that radiates out in oh-so-attractive ways into the world.

Here are five love-inviting mantras to repeat to get you started:

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Author: Melissa Maher

Image: aeneastudio/Flickr

Editors: Katarina Tavčar; Catherine Monkman

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