July 10, 2016

Are You Man Enough?

man rain wet sad strong pouring water face

Are you brave enough

To talk about your feelings?

Are you confident enough
To cry when your heart is hurting?

Are you strong enough
To be tender with the hearts of others?

Are you intelligent enough
To be silly often?

Are you tough enough
To be kind when the world tells you to not to?

Do you have the stamina
To seek out joy and chase it when you find it?

Are you athletic enough
To dance with me gently in the dark?

Are you muscular enough
To defend others from your anger?

Can you build well enough
To create an entire community?

Can you hunt well enough
To kill the numbness in your heart?

Can you trap well enough
To capture the part of you that knows how to feel?

Can you track well enough
To find time for those you care about?

Can you fish well enough
To catch tears as they fall down a cheek?

Can you destroy
The part of you that thinks you are better off alone?

Will you go to war
With your doubts about the goodness of others?

Can you conquer
Your need to be better and accept yourself exactly as you are?

Can you force
yourself to be vulnerable?

Will you fight
for kindness?

Will you work
For peace?

Do you have the courage
Are you fearless enough
To love?

Author: Audry Wild 

Image: flickr/Gregorio Puga Bailón/Flickr 

Editors: Ashleigh Hitchcock; Catherine Monkman

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Read 1 comment and reply

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