July 27, 2016

One Morning Ritual we don’t want to Miss.

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I got into the bad habit early. Somewhere around my preteens.

At first, it was a once-a-month thing. Then it digressed to a once a week. Eventually, it became something I did every day.

It was getting bad.

My parents didn’t care too much to do anything about it. They thought their teachings at the beginning of my life were sufficient.

What was this “thing” I starting doing, you may ask?

I neglected making my bed in the morning.

Shocking, I know! An absolute unheard of occurrence with teenagers! But all joking aside, in my experience, this is the gateway to starting our day off on the wrong side of the bed. Yes, we can drink our lemon water, take a shower or brush our hair and teeth, but if we don’t make our beds, what does that do to our day?

This lack of action in the morning taught me that it’s okay to choose laziness—to do less than my best. This would impact the rest of the day.

Waking up and unconsciously tossing the crumbled sheets aside (feathers flying everywhere), I found myself not making a real effort in life. I was settling with showing up as mediocre.

After years of me not making my bed, or doing a half-arsed job, someone close to me quoted an old phrase:

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”

It changed my view of this ancient chore.

I loved this quote as soon as I heard it. I started implementing it in my daily life, little by little. I remember waking up and thinking, is making my bed “worth it?”

I decided it was.

Trusting my gut, I started making my bed, neatly, every morning. Pretty much as soon as I woke up. It kind of transformed my life.

This small, three-minute morning “chore” became the catalyst to a great day. I learned to be present and do all things with care. It became part of my morning meditation, being a meditation in and of itself:

Choosing to take a moment to be present within those delicious bamboo sheets. Appreciating that wonderful borderline of being half-asleep, half-awake. Finally, tugging off and tucking in the blankets that kept me safe and warm, creating a masterpiece—a haven. Turning unconsciousness into consciousness.

It showed me that the little things do matter and that every single thing we do is an expression of how we live and how we see the world.

I choose to make my bed in the mornings. I choose to turn unconsciousness into consciousness. I suggest you try it, too. It may just transform how you live each day.

Author: Pauline Holden

Image: David Mao/Unsplash

Apprentice editor: Catherine Simmons; Editor: Toby Israel


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