July 17, 2016

Summer Recipes for a Delightful Meat-Free Monday.

Vegetables on chopping board

For those new to the concept, Meat Free Mondays is intended to encourage meat-eaters to cut down on their meat consumption and sample a meat-free lifestyle.

It may, in time, lead people to cut meat out altogether.

But even if we’re never going to become full-time vegans or vegetarians, reducing our meat consumption will have an important effect, as meat production is one of the greatest threats to humanity’s survival on this planet. (Remember, the planet will go on without us and owes us nothing. We owe the planet if we wish it to continue sustaining life for our children and grandchildren.)

So, with a view to having less meat in our diets, here is a suggested meal plan linked to recipes. May it be of benefit.

Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito

This link actually has a selection of breakfast recipes to tempt you, but I love a breakfast burrito. This is a cooked breakfast, so not one for just before you rush out the door. The recipe given is vegan, using scrambled tofu. But I’m not a tofu fan and during the summer I love to eat my fill of genuine free range eggs. So, I include scrambled eggs in my breakfast wrap.

If you have the time to cook this, accompanied by good coffee, it makes a fabulous start to the day.

If you don’t have time to cook, how about these summer smoothie recipes—extra special breakfast in a glass that also helps to activate the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

Lunch: Thai Inspired Gazpacho

To make up for breakfast, lunch will be ready in double-quick time. Simply blend all ingredients together, season and serve.

There is also a cold avocado soup recipe on this link, which is just as easy but needs to be chilled for a few hours beforehand. You could blend it up while cooking breakfast—totally worth the multi-tasking, for avocado-loving freaks like me.

Dinner: Lemon Pesto Pasta

Summer on a plate—the author claims this pesto goes equally well with potatoes or risotto. While I can well imagine it, I’m a fan of the pasta/pesto combo.

Desert: Sangria Fruit Salad

Sweet, wet, light and boozy—the perfect way to recover from Monday.

Prep this before you make your pesto so that it can marinate and chill in the fridge for a while. Then, enjoy your just reward for making a deliberate effort to get through the day without eating meat—you deserve it.

For more information on Meat Free Mondays, visit their website. And for more ideas for summer recipes, check out last week’s no-cooking meal plan.


Author: Hilda Carroll

Image: Katie Smith/Unsplash 

Editors: Catherine Monkman; Emily Bartran


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