July 15, 2016

The Mindful Life Illustrated: Why Black Lives Matter Because All Lives Matter.


The world is in turmoil.

Sometimes the turmoil is clearer than at other times (especially thanks to the media) but this is true, no matter when you are reading this.

The world is in turmoil—this is a consistency we can depend upon. And that turmoil is the result of endless, inter-sectional struggling.

People, animals and the natural world itself’s very existence is threatened every single day.

So when important causes which stand up for injustice, like Black Lives Matter, get a lot of attention and massive forward momentum, it is more important than ever for us to band together and stand up for those causes.

Every win for equality, justice and compassion eases the strain on the world as a whole, leaving us more energy to focus on other places where there is a need for change.

And more than that, if we are going to fully face this life as we know it, including ourselves, then we have to acknowledge the deep inter-connectedness of all beings.

All life is sacred and needs to be protected and loved.

All life is worth standing up for—worth using our own lives as flags in the protest.

Each life, each of us, is a powerful agent for change and born with all the qualities to stand up for life itself, in the name of love.

Black Lives Matter because all life matters.


Author & Artist: Mike Medaglia

Editors: Khara-Jade Warren; Yoli Ramazzina

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