July 11, 2016

What your Inner-Mermaid Desperately wants you to Know.

Ocean mermaid

Deep within our hearts there is a sacred pool, where the wisdom of our hidden inner-mermaid echoes through our souls.

The air is still. The water is dark. Long willow tendrils float in the shaded waters, blue lotus blossoms shyly emerge at the water’s edge, and overgrown weeds tumble over the borders.

Your inner-mermaid lives here, deep in your soul. She is the very spirit of sovereignty. She is your wild, unfiltered truth—the guardian of your desires and your connection to the divine feminine.

She sits by the pool alone, eyes ablaze, her long, wet hair flat to her glistening skin and her scaly tail testing the still water.

Wild things swim below the surface. Strange fish, immense monsters, tiny luminous creatures hidden in the dark waters. Your passions, feelings and truths, all hidden in the murky depths of her pool.

She is the gate keeper. She is the voice of this pool and the creatures within it. She is the part of yourself you hide from.

She is the part of you who knows what is real and what is not. Her siren song is the voice you try to drown out through TV, over-working, the internet and your Facebook addiction. Hers is the inner-voice you try to discredit, dismiss and ignore.

She knows your truth, and it terrifies you.

She cries salty tears into her pool, wishing that you would listen to her, to open up to what she has to say. She screams in frustration as you turn to everyone but her for advice and wisdom. She sings louder, more shrilly and with more urgency, hoping to break through and get you to hear her.

Because the things she asks of you are terrifying.

She is everything we are trained to be afraid and reject in our culture.

Passion. Feeling. Freedom. Independence. Intuition. Femininity.

If you could open up, just a tiny bit—just for one siren second—if you could dive in and listen to the wisdom of your inner-mermaid, she would tell you…scream at you: Stop giving your power away.

You hide. You run. You deflect. You give away authority to everyone but yourself.

Stop, darling—I am here, within. Lean into me. I have the answers.

I have the secret to your soul’s longings, the cure for your discontent.

I have the words of healing, the path of righteousness. I know what will fill you up. I know.

It won’t be what “they” say will make you happy—the car, the home, the ass, the shoes, the holier-than-thou yoga retreat—for how could they possibly know what would fulfill something as miraculous, as shining, as utterly unique as your soul?

The soul is a strange thing. At your deepest level—your truest truth, your realest real, your soul—there is nothing to prove.

The soul just is.

You are.

Does this serve you? Or does this destroy you?

Stop giving your power to monumental media forces who want to control and abuse you, govern your thoughts and keep you ignorant and hungry. Stop giving your power to things that hurt you. Stop sacrificing yourself at the altar of the mediate, to the propaganda patriarchs who preach fear, chaos, disaster and uncertainty.

You don’t have to break your heart reading political horror stories, over and over again, to be a conscious citizen.

You are not a lesser person if you detach from stories and drama that tear your spirit and numb you into hopelessness.

You do not need to ask: How do my friends feel about this? What should I be discussing? What is the drama du jour? You do not need to participate in the panic.

You can take another path.

Be aware of how you are spending your precious presence my love. Does it fill you? Or deplete you?

Why are you so scared to sit in the silence of my sacred pool and listen to your soul?

Only you know what is real for you—you are the only one who can take your soul medicine.

Perhaps you have been stubbornly ignoring my song, drowning out my call with addiction and distraction. How much do you fear you have to change to bring yourself back to me? Are you afraid of how far you were led astray?

Perhaps you fear a journey back to your soul might look very frightening indeed, that the discord between your reality and your truth is too deep a chasm to breach, too perilous a journey to live. Maybe you fear that you’ll have to give up everything you have to be able to hear me, listen to me and heed my call.

Perhaps you fear a departure from all you have known and all that you have been taught is reasonable.

Fears. Untruths. Dramatizations.

Perhaps the revelation of the truth that I sing to you—the song of what you need and desire—is so simple, so full of grace and so humble that your mind passionately argues against it, believing that a return to your soul must be accompanied by some grand tempest or terrifying earthquake, and that without it, somehow your soul’s wisdom is invalid.

Whatever your path is back to me—take it. Be it pecked with brambles and venomous snakes, a rocky ridge with scant handholds and icy surfaces or a lazy river indulgently flowing onward.

Your path home starts by putting your hand on your heart, asking me a question…and listening.

I am your oracle. Use me.



How to Love a Mermaid.


Author: Demelza Fox

Image: Flickr/Ryan McCullahPixabay

Editors: Yoli Ramazzina; Emily Bartran

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