August 12, 2016

5 Signs you (yes, even you) are more Intuitive than you Think.


My work requires a strong connection to my intuition. It guides me professionally when I speak to clients and it is the compass by which I live my life.

When I sit with a client, they may sometimes react with astonishment: a reading with me may illuminate their intuition, not just mine.

“But I am not intuitive,” they always tell me.

The truth is, we are all intuitive. But like any muscle, if we do not use it, we lose it. And even when it’s not our most toned muscle, our intuition is guiding us still.

When we are connected to our intuition we are connected with our source. We are connected to our internal guidance system, which allows us to make empowered choices within the framework of our lives.

Here are five signs that we’re more intuitive than we think!

1. You know things before they happen.

This sounds like a given, but I still sit in wonder when I hear a client tell me that I predicted something and was spot-on accurate, or when I have a memory about an experience I went through and receive a call from my son that he just went through the same exact experience.

Knowing when things are going to happen sounds like the most obvious sign, but it’s also the move overlooked. Think about it—how many times have we felt something was going to happen, saw it in our mind’s eye or just knew, and when it happened we found a way of discounting it? It happens a lot, even for those whose business is intuition.

Knowing or sensing when something is about to happen is a sure sign that our intuition is dialed high.

2. You can smell bullsh*t a mile away.

Is your BS detector so strong that someone would be hard pressed to pull one over on you? This is your intuition grabbing at your attention.

Sure, some folks are just plain bad actors, but often when we know that we are being lied to it’s a feeling we get from within. We just “know” or “sense” that something is not quite right, and it’s something we can’t ignore. That is a warning from our intuition.

3. You manifest like a boss.

When we have a strong intuition we are sensitive to what takes place around us. We make choices that are in line with what we want for ourselves and we seem guided by an internal knowing of what we must to do to achieve what we desire. The ability to bring things to form in our lives is not just energetic or thought based—it’s knowing what to do and what not to do.

Our intuition is that guiding force assisting us in making the right moves.

4. Crowds are your kryptonite.

For many of us who are sensitive to energy and emotions, being in a crowded room can instantly zap us of our energy, and in some extreme cases can even cause debilitating anxiety attacks. Crowds can be a haven of emotions, energies all coming at us in a single moment. Worse yet, if we are not actively practicing intuitive self-care, we are more inclined to allow these energies to latch onto us. We may suddenly feel angry and not know why. We could begin to feel an incredible sadness not realizing that we were standing in close range to someone who recently lost someone they love.

For those with a strong intuition, crowds can feel like walking into a lions den and thusly are avoided when possible.

5. You need a lot of down time to yourself.

Whether it’s after being in a huge crowd or we’re just feeling called to some solitude, those who are highly intuitive often times need time to be alone and in quiet. It may just be watching a television show, reading a book or taking a hot bath, but this downtime of relative silence and self-care replenishes the spirit.

Our intuition is like any other system in our body—it requires care and nurturing in order to operate and not drain us of our energy. Spending time alone is our systems way of accomplishing this. It assists in our collecting our thoughts and calling our energy back to us.


Whether we are an old pro or a newbie just gaining insight into our intuition, these five signs are meant to remind us of the control we have over our own lives. We have within us a divine system created expressly for the purpose of assisting us in knowing what to do, how to do it and when. It is our guidance in the darkest of nights and leads us to brighter days.

Pay attention to the signs; honor your intuition by acknowledging its guidance, and watch—the more you do this, the more that muscle strengthens and expands in service to you.


Author: Laura Brown

Image: Author’s Own

Editor: Emily Bartran

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