August 12, 2016

A Mudra Meditation for When we don’t feel Worthy.

Gupta mudra

Today I had an interview at 3 p.m. My blood was pumping from the moment I woke up.

I tried to play it cool and went about my normal morning routine…but the nervousness was getting the better of me. Despite preparation and sufficient time to prepare more, I felt the familiar anxiety that comes with situations in which I have to prove myself as confident, competent, and worthy—it’s enough to try to prove it only to myself! Self-critical thoughts arose and settled in my antsy body, and then more negative thoughts chimed in because why am I not over this yet?

It was a moment in which I needed to go deeper than encouraging self-talk and power poses.

So after a short yoga practice, I grabbed my mom’s beautiful mudra book, Mudras for Healing and Transformation, and did a guided meditation. Mudras are hand or arm gestures that evoke a directed energy or focus.

Keep in mind—this is not my go-to move when I’m having a confidence crisis. But I chose it this time because I wanted to get at the physical barriers to calmness. In other words, I hoped to access and resolve the root of my negative body energy that was arising before the interview.

The Gupta Mudra is the gesture for protection from limiting thoughts. I spent about 10 minutes in the meditation, and I came out feeling more grounded. As the time approaching my interview shortened, I would return to the deep breaths and channel my nervous energy into the mudra whenever a wave of nervousness hit.

It helped me remember my ultimate goal of growth, and to feel joy from simply having an opportunity to learn more and express my passion for a new career path. I definitely felt protection from limiting thoughts during the interview, and the positive energy in the meeting was apparent!

Below I’ve shared the instructions for the positioning of the Gupta mudra and the guided meditation.

I suggest it for anyone who’s approaching a difficult situation in which they don’t feel whole or capable enough:


The guided meditation, extracted from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian Le Page:

  • “As you hold Gupta mudra, take several natural breaths to attune to all the feelings and sensations evoked by this gesture.
  • Notice how your breath is gently directed into your abdomen, cultivating a sense of warmth and ease, a feeling that you are entering your own inner sanctuary of safety.
  • Take several breaths to rest within your sanctuary, deepening your connection with your inner being, inherently whole and complete, naturally enhancing your sense of protection and safety.
  • To rest even more deeply within your inner sanctuary, it is important to release any limiting beliefs that cause disharmony in the world around you and within your own being.
  • Begin by exploring your beliefs related to success and achievement. Striving for fulfillment is normal and healthy, but when it becomes an end in itself rather than a means, you sacrifice your inner peace, making it difficult to rest within your inner sanctuary.
  • Take several breaths to sense the wholeness of your authentic being, recognizing that nothing in the world outside can add to or subtract from that which is inherently complete.
  • Next, explore your limiting beliefs about how the world or other people should be. Having expectations is normal and healthy, but when they become rigid and demanding, you create conflict and disharmony that keeps you from experiencing the peace of your inner sanctuary.
  • Take some time to recognize clearly that change always begins within your own being. As you focus on your own awakening, you naturally allow others to find their own time and space for transformation.
  • Finally, explore your sense of individuality, which is an essential facet of your being. However, when your sense of “I” and “me” becomes all-encompassing, you create separation from others, fostering isolation and disharmony that make it difficult to rest within your inner sanctuary.
  • Take several breaths to sense your essential oneness with all beings, allowing you to live and work in cooperation and harmony, naturally supporting your sense of protection and safety.
  • With the gradual release of your limiting beliefs, take several breaths to sense yourself fully aligned with your authentic being, completely secure within your sanctuary of inner safety.
  • Abiding in complete inner peace, repeat the following three times, aloud or silently:
    • Resting within my inner sanctuary, I experience absolute protection and safety.
  • Slowly release the gesture, taking several breaths to rest in the safety of your authentic being.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes, returning slowly and gently, sensing the absolute protection of your inner sanctuary.”


Author: Sarah Crosky

Images: Author’s own; Featured Image: Drew Hays I Unsplash

Editor: Sarah Crosky


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