August 9, 2016

Lean In. {Poem}


Lean in

Lean into the rhythm of the breath
The temperature of the air on your skin
And the way in which your body feels in this very moment

Lean in

Lean into the sounds around you
The level of light that’s gracing your eyes
And the pace of your life-giving heartbeat

Allow the more subtle sensations
To dance you fully into this present moment

Leaving the stories behind
Of who you are
Why you are here
And who you think you’re supposed to be

Lean in

Lean into the current state of your emotions
The fluctuations in the mind
And the way in which it truly feels within the depths of your heart’s center

To truly lean in
Takes great courage
To truly lean in
Can be wildly uncomfortable and beautiful simultaneously

But it’s perhaps one of the greatest gifts
We can bestow upon our sweet selves

There’s a secret passage way
Whose door creeks open
To those who dare greatly and fully lean in

To what is
To truth
To stillness and ease
To what it means to simply be.




Author: Alexa Torontow

Image: Used with permission from Karolina Gnat

Editor: Travis May

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