August 2, 2016

Life is a Current—Let it Flow.

Beach Currents

This morning I lucidly dreamt, while in a waking state of reception, about a current of energy—a super-fluid pervading all of space and time.

Whatever this current is, we are no less immersed in and flowing with it throughout our life.

It does not serve us, trying to hold onto what no longer exists, for we are meant to flow with life—embracing all that comes to us and through us, as we drift along this phenomenon known as time.

Despite the lucid clarity this waking vision of sorts demonstrated to me, upon fully awakening this morning, as is so often the case, my recollection of what all this entailed had already diminished.

I know for certain, or at least feel strongly, that letting go of the past and remaining present with what’s unfolding now is far more important and vital to our health then attempting to hold onto what no longer exists or to try manufacturing our future.

We are vessels through which this energy flows—we are the instrument. Our bodies connect us to this earth plane, but above and beyond that, our soul essence remains the driving force. So much can be learned from opening our channels (chakras) to receptivity, rather than blockading them with thoughts of illusory information that no longer presents a story we can rely on in this current moment.

What’s tangible is not always clear, and what’s clear is not always tangible.

Whenever we resist, we inevitably suffer.

We stray from the present moment and drift to a time and place that is long gone—no longer within our grasp. It may pain us to realize that we’ll never get back each precious moment but can also be relieved when we acknowledge that sometimes, whatever took place in the past—it’s best to let lie.

Reflections offer us a unique vantage into where we were and who we’ve become today, right now. I’ve learned to be more malleable in how I direct the flow of energy through me, my thought processes and states of vitality.

When I’m upset over something that has already come and gone, I assemble the data and reconcile with it. I know that I’m no longer directly associated or involved in matters that might otherwise upset me or entangle my own soul matter in issues that prevent pure life force to consume me—absent fewer restrictions.

So much is going on around us constantly—interminably.

Distractions and persuasions are rampant, and it’s tough to discern original emphasis on thoughts and feelings when so many influences divide our train of thought, attitude and decisiveness—compelling us to choose actions or decisions that may or may not align to what our soul and heart space would otherwise influence.

Those who’ve resisted the flow of life for too long, ultimately perish—as we all do—sadly not ever having known what it means to live with Spirit beckoning them along.

Despite the hardships and struggles I’ve been asked to endure by this unseen source of energy, conclusions have been ultimately drawn about where my life should head, throughout each waking and dreaming moment. So often, just one step at a time.

Layers of identity are shed, little by little.

Illusory strongholds placed upon us, from this life or prior lives, cannot survive such a liberating experience of allowing—surrendering—to this magnificent force; trusting in the Divine to lead us where we’re meant to tread.

Each day is a new mystery, despite the routines we must carry out in order to live—a paradox?

Maybe not for all, but for some or even many, the opportunity to allow this current to carry us in its wake is available—always. It’s merely a matter of choice, beyond the need or fear to survive. We can endure unimaginable pain and torment, even torture. The elements, no matter how harsh they may seem, are a way of tearing apart the folds of mind we’ve allowed to enshroud us for far too long.

Convenience should never be forsaken, at the cost of our own individual calling in life.

When we are no longer careful about each step we take and have largely forgotten from whence we came, we’re in danger of degrading the meaning and purpose that life is trying to instill.

There’s no great mystery or quest that any of us needs to embark upon—other than the recognition that no matter where we are the connection to all things is inalienable.

Life is happening right now and will never elude to the future or foregone past with any reliability or certainty.

The less we capture memories of what no longer remains and believe that we can influence future events, the more effective we’ll be at creating valid, treasurable moments right here in the present.

It can be terrifying, not knowing what’s to come and often times lonely, pondering what’s come to pass. We suffer needlessly, because of this. We die eventually, not really ever having lived, because we never concluded that life and time is occurring terminally, right now.

A small token of insight from someone who’s let go of a tremendous amount of attachment—memories of the past, projections into the future and of course, those proverbial things, people and places: Time is irreversible.

Yes, we can heal our past right here in the present moment, and we can forecast the future, but we truly have no real control over how events in our lives will take shape—beyond the present moment.

Live now.

It’s all we have, and once we recognize that we are being swept along in a current—a sea of energy—we might actually embrace what it means to live with Spirit.



A Lifetime of Letting Go.


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Image: Flickr/Joshua Siniscal

Apprentice Editor: Theresa Wolfrom; Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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