August 22, 2016

Mexitalian Fusion: Spicy, Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara. {Recipe}

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**Editor’s note: Whenever possible, always seek out and use organic, local, ethical food sources.


I concocted this deliciousness about 10 days ago.

And along with Huevos Rancheros, it has become a serious contender as one of my life-time favorite recipes—at least for summertime when true free-range eggs are easier to come by.

When I was a meat-eater, spaghetti carbonara was one of my signature dishes. I tried a few times to make a vegetarian option using fake bacon, but it just didn’t compare—and so I gave up.

However, this recipe is more than compensating. The salty deliciousness is now replaced with spiciness, and it’s equally good. Differently good.

What I’ve kept:

Spaghetti, egg, olive oil, black pepper.

What I’ve omitted:

Bacon, cheese, cream (which often isn’t used in “authentic” recipes, depending on the part of Italy you’re drawing from).

What I’ve added:

Chili peppers, scallion, avocado (the reason why I love it so), lime juice.

What I do:

While the spaghetti is cooking, I finely slice the scallion (one per person) and chili (quantity depends on the heat of the chili pepper and personal taste) and lightly sauté with a pinch of salt—then set aside.

I beat the (whole) egg* (when I cooked true carbonara, I only used the egg yolk, as advised by the Italian who gave me his recipe. But in this version the egg is the only protein source so I use all of it). Add a tablespoon of olive oil and some cracked black pepper. Stir the egg mixture together and set aside.

* For one person, I find one egg is enough. For more than one, I use my Italian friend’s guideline of one per person plus one for the pan.

Then chop half an avocado per person.

When the spaghetti is al dente, drain fully and add to the pan with the scallion and chili. Over a medium heat, add the egg mixture and stir through as it cooks—this should take a minute or less.

Add the chopped avocado and the juice of a lime and serve up straight away. Yum!



Mexican Inspired Recipes for Meat Free Monday.


Author: Hilda Carroll

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