August 27, 2016

The End of 9 Years of Toxic Relationships on 9-9-9.


*Eleditor’s note: Numerology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars or numbers, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

In numerology, September 9th, 2016 translates to 999 as it is the ninth day of the ninth month in a 9 year 2016 (2+0+1+6=9.)

This date only occurs once every nine years, the last one was on 9-9-2007 (2+0+0+7=9) and the next one will be on 9-9-2025 (2+0+2+5=9).

Therefore, we have a rare opportunity to clear any karmic energy that we have accumulated over the past nine years and the 9-9-9 energy we have the opportunity to release is closely linked to the toxic relationships we attract or maintain.

We are about to go through a very intense phase that will cleanse poisonous toxins from our lives, which include unhealthy habits, extreme behaviours, outdated beliefs and irrational fear-based thoughts and feelings that diminish our energy and leave us feeling fraught, anxious and burnt-out.

Also, any ties that are energetically binding us to people or situations that are detrimental to us or limiting us in any way will easily be severed during this period and we will walk away with peace, love, compassion and forgiveness in our hearts. In particular, we will feel the urge to remove ourselves from the company of anyone that regularly provokes arguments, shows aggression, is controlling, manipulative, deceptive, judgmental, overly critical or generally abusive to us.

Not only will we be ending a nine-year cycle that has felt especially vicious, we are about to embark on an important, transformational new phase—and if we have been involved in any toxicity, it is vital that we are ready for this shift.

The number nine carries the energy of every number that comes before it, as it is the last digit in the numerical sequence 0-9. Therefore, it is an accumulation of beginnings, middles and endings. It is a number that encompasses everything, but it is also the final number, so its energy signifies conclusions, endings and closure, but it also is readying us to burn bridges and for exciting new beginnings.

It is essential that we end old outdated cycles before we can begin fresh new ones. When doors close, others immediately open up for us.

The number nine is a spiraling number as whenever a number is multiplied by nine, we always return back to the number nine. For example, 9×3 =27 (2+7=9).

If there is only one nine, it is a calling for the closure of a phase in our lives—however, when there are three nines together the power and rhythm of the number is amplified, therefore the energetic vibration is also magnified and strengthened and the call to abruptly end a cycle is an urgent and final one.

The determination of the 999 energy will be undeniable and if there are areas of our life that need focus we will not be able to ignore or deny the changes that need to be made for very much longer. We will not get away with making up excuses for the people in our lives that are troublesome or pretending that all is well when it isn’t. This energy takes no hostages and is quite fierce and forceful, therefore, it is highly recommended that we jump on the back of this energy and ride with the momentum during these next few weeks.

9-9-9- is a message that signifies the last warning we will be given to close karmic periods and the focus here is not just on romantic relationships, it is on any type of relationship that has been causing us some kind of emotional, mental or physical harm.

To align with this once-in-every nine years energy we need to be evaluating, emptying, letting go and cleansing so that by the time we reach 9-9-9 we are fully prepared to release whatever, or whomever, has been holding us back so that we can move onward on our evolutionary journey.

The period leading up to 9-9-9 will likely be a turbulent time as we shake off any negative thoughts, beliefs or habits that have caused us to enter into relationships that have not been serving us well. 999 is all about truth and clarity and to be true to ourselves and give ourselves the very best chance of receiving happiness, peace and love, we need to ensure that the people we closely connect to are not going to continuously be causing difficulties and destruction.

We often forget that when we are adults we are responsible for all the interactions that we come into contact with. We can always, at any time, choose to walk away from anyone or anything that erodes our feeling of self-worth or regularly causes us pain or discord. This, however, does not mean that we shouldn’t take responsibility for our reactions to people’s behavior, or that we need to just coldly cut people from our lives or shut people out.

It simply means learning how to rationalize and reason so that we can distinguish those people and things that are not good for us, so that we can then love certain people from a safe distance and put our own emotional, mental or physical health first.

We then place ourselves in an empowering position where we are free to honor, accept, cherish, and celebrate ourselves with integrity and without guilt, doubts or anxieties creeping in, knowing that everyone around us will immediately benefit from the harmony and happiness we radiate.

As this chapter of our life comes to a definite end, we can tune in to our intuition to be sure that whatever decisions we make are resonating on a soul level. 999 is a rare angel number sequence, and whenever we look or ask for it, we will receive an abundance of spiritual guidance and assistance as a back up.

We only need to pay attention and listen closely and we will hear gentle, repetitive whispers, feel subtle sensations, notice signs, synchronicities and nudges.

It may seem that the 999 energy is harsh and something for us to beware of as it is testing and challenging, however, it is actually an extremely kind, loving, compassionate, wise, exciting energy and one that will help us to understand and then release any toxic entanglements that we have felt bound to over these last nine years.

If we place our faith in this energy, we will be firmly directed towards our destined path so that we can attune to our true soul mate connections, our passions and our soul missions here on earth.

After a very long period, our time has arrived to say with conviction, “Enough is finally enough”—and mean it.




Author: Alex Myles

Image:  Flickr/Lucy Maude Ellis

Editor: Travis May



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