September 20, 2016

8 Songs to Kickstart a Sluggish Spirit.

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Music has a strong effect on our emotions.

Sometimes just listening from one song can help me go from dark to light, from hopeless to hopeful, from apathetic to curious, from slow to alert.

Music can help us gain momentum, change the way we’re thinking, get us in the mood for sexy times, shake things up a little in many ways. It can lift us, challenge us, sometimes even move us from anxious to contemplative.

For me, it often inspires creativity and reminds me to—

Sing, dance, play.

It can lift me out of even the blackest of moods—not magically just “making” me happy (all the time), but it just shifts the tone of the moment—or even day—to something different.

I love music with a little attitude. A few of the songs below are have sort of dark, moody overtones but still an uplifting kick. I guess that’s the similarity between most of the musicians below—each has a totally unique rhythm and vibe, but you can tell that all the musicians just do their thing really well.

I’m pretty sure that these artists just don’t give a sh*t about what other people think. A few are a bit eccentric, even, but they still bother to create accessible sounds. These musicians are true creators and that shines through in their work, which is a part of what makes their sounds both empowering and inspiring.

I think there’s something in here for almost everyone. The videos are pretty fab too.

What are some of your favourite songs?



To gain momentum (the video footage is pretty intense, but important):

Good for a fun and soulful midday singing and dancing break.

Lord Huron’s sound is very spacious and there’s a recurring wilderness theme. The music reminds me of two things on my bucket list: a big road trip and a wilderness trek.

Joanna’s lyrics are deep and reflective, rich in philosophical metaphor. This one in particular makes me feel thinky and creative.

I can only aspire to be even 1/10th as cool as this woman.

Soulful and mellow, uplifting yet calming.

How to leave the a**holes in our lives behind: give this a thorough listen.

Glass Animals’ feel is smooth and a little dark, impeccable production. I always just feel better when I listen to these guys—stronger, clearer, creative. (Also: neon claymation!)



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