September 27, 2016

October Energy Forecast: Prepare for Limitless, Unconditional Love.


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Fresh out of Mercury retrograde, October is the month that we are going to be feeling supercharged and ready to fully embrace the rich opportunities that are flowing our way.

September brought a great deal of closure and release. The 9-9-9 energy portal offered us the strength to finally say goodbye to many of the harmful connections from our past and sever any ties that were draining and debilitating us.

Therefore, we now have the time and space needed to open and appreciate new, positive and life-changing connections and experiences, and to offer love abundantly without question or hesitation.

As September was a highly energetic, and quite an emotionally painful, turbulent and erratic month, it was often difficult to remain in the moment and clearly see exactly what was occurring in our lives. There were so many internal shifts jostling around all at once that we were likely traveling through the month feeling hazy, zoned out and possibly feeling entirely out of sorts. We may have even felt as though we lost control of ourselves during certain interactions or situations.

Throughout that month, for many who are highly sensitive to energy, there was so much to contend with that it felt as though there was an energetic, cloudy veil covering our eyes and this is what was causing us to feel spaced out. A lot of energy was spinning around and not all of it was pleasant, yet for much of it we felt blinded and powerless to do anything to harness it.

As we journey into October, we are going to be receiving insights that arrive in lightning sharp jolts and these will allow us to begin seeing everything with clarity again. We will feel empowered to restructure whatever has been crumbling within our relationships, friendships, careers, or even within ourselves. All the things that seemed as though they were unraveling are the things we now feel sufficiently prepared and armed to focus on.

Our intuition will be loud and clear and working hard to stabilize and ground us, and this will allow us to know exactly what we need to do to repair whatever has recently seemed broken.

It is essential that as we pick up the pieces we remember to proceed with unconditional love, not only toward other people, but, toward ourselves too. Forgiveness, compassion and acceptance for everything we have been through are essential so that we sail smoothly as we navigate these next few weeks.

November is going to be delivering extremely high vibrational emotions and we will be experiencing an undeniable feeling of authentic, abundant love. However, before we get to November we have some work to do here in October and that is to lay the foundations and building blocks so that the type of connections we are going to attract are ones that last.

The most essential things we can do to align with October’s energy are to remain mindful, calm, and to tread lightly as we pass through our days.

This month is whispering softly in our ears and is asking us to become more thoughtful, considerate and to be unconditionally generous. We are being called to speak tenderly to ourselves and to others and to sprinkle tokens of love and kindness wherever we go.

Although we will be carrying out these acts without expectation, energy is magnetic, so as soon as our energy vibrates on a higher frequency, we will notice that we will receive similar high frequency energies in return. Loving energy will continuously flow all around us and this will be setting the tone to prepare us for November’s loving theme.

It won’t matter whether we are single, in a complex relationship or whether we are deeply committed to someone, our radar of love is going to be on high alert and toward the end of this month we will feel as though we are diving into a vortex of pure, sincere, authentic, love. Love is coming for us, but it is up to us whether we are ready to receive it. If we are already in a loving, respectful relationship, we will notice the intensity of our emotions rise.

As we change, everything around us will also change.

To start this energy flow, we need to release any lingering resentments and focus with positive intention and a level of commitment toward the people or things that really matters to us. We can start with one aspect of our life, which may be a person, however, it can also be a hobby, work, a pet, the garden, traveling, or anything that brings us joy and is close to our heart. We can then pour love, attention and dedication into it.

It may be that we first need to alter our perspective so that we witness things through a new light. This then allows us to fully appreciate and accept certain parts of our life without feeling weighed down with responsibility or feeling guilty for not having the time and attention that we would like to give.

Instead, we can be loving towards ourselves and recognize that we aren’t super-human, we are doing our best, and we can’t always give as much as we would like to in every area of our lives.

If we have been neglecting someone, or something, now is the time to show our gratitude, to make pockets of time available and to open up and truly express how important a person or situation is to us.

We can communicate authentically and let people close to us know they are deeply loved and cherished. We can spend time immersing in hobbies or interests that we are passionate about, that fulfill us and bring happiness and pleasure.

We will find that we reenergize ourselves and our capacity for love expands simply by redirecting our attention and diverting our energy so that it aligns with our desires and heads in the direction of anything or anyone that we feel a heartfelt-connection to.

Everything we hope for is possible and accessible and when we open ourselves up and realize that we deserve to feel exhilarated and invigorated on a daily basis, and then focus all of our boundless, limitless energy on anything that makes us feel good and happy to be alive, we will live in the flow of the moment.

November is not far away and it is all about love in abundance and twin-flame connections and if we do the internal work now, we will be well prepared to welcome all that it offers.

To lift our vibration and manifest and attract whatever, or whoever, is destined for us we only have to rise in all-inclusive love, have high hopes, without expectations, radiate gratitude, feel positive and content, relax and most importantly believe. Beginning now, gently and without resistance or force.

The universe then has the opportunity to work its natural, harmonic, magnetic magic and connect us to whatever resonates with the vibrations we are sending out.


Author: Alex Myles

Image: Asja Boros/Flickr

Editor: Travis May


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