October 6, 2016

Is it Real News?

Achieving Media Literacy.

In TedEd’s Lessons Worth Sharing, Damon Brown reminds world news consuming citizens of the potency of skepticism, critical thinking, and the importance of the breadth and depth of researching when we’re following current events.

It’s a matter of news literacy. It begs the question of the psychology of consumption of news.

Consider what you’re hearing and reading with the question of “Fact vs. Opinion” at hand.

What do you trust? We have mainstream reporting, alternative media channels, social media and citizen reporting. What gets us closest to the truth?

Consider frequency as well. Are you following the same source 24/7 for breaking current events or using a discerning eye to critically observe what different news outlets are saying?


Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: The Awkward Yeti

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Caitlin Oriel

Caitlin Oriel is a Boulder native. She teaches Earth Ways Yoga locally. Her time-tested remedy for surviving life’s struggles is taking the time to watch the sun set out in the stillness of nature. She believes in a world where passion and community come together to create magic. She will not settle for something that does not drive her soul’s passion. Check out what she’s up to on Instagram.