October 7, 2016

Remember You Are Human.


courtesy of author, Alexa Torontow

Remember that you are not always supposed to know.

Remember that you are not always supposed to have it all figured out.
Remember that there is not one way, one truth or one ultimate meaning for being here.

Remember that you are human,
With flaws and scars and stories
That are uniquely yours.

You are not here to move toward perfection
Or even mastery—

You are here to know what it means to truly be alive,

To catch a glimpse of the divine
Of God
Of the un-named forces
Time and time again.

You are here to explore the things in your everyday, ordinary life that gets your heart racing, stomach fluttering and cells dancing with excitement—
Things that strike cords of truth deep within
And awaken something almost inexplicable in the belly of your soul.

Throughout all the lessons and triumphs
Successes and failures
Never forget the limitations of being human.

Revel in the joy, frustration, ecstasy and sorrow that accompany the experience of being alive—

To feel the pain in your heart
Or the heaviness on your shoulders
Is a reminder that you are here
You are alive
You have a choice.

Never forget to be sweet to yourself as you maneuver throughout your days,
Because darling, you are new here—

Not the eternal, deepest Self you, who has been here since the beginning of time,
But this you
With this body and this mind
With these past experiences, current struggles and future projections.

Remember that your ultimate task isn’t mastery, perfection
Or success in the typically defined way;

It is to experience
To play
To love

Through all the highs and lows
Joys and sorrows
Questions, doubts, self-criticism and a-ha moments.
Remember that you, too, are simply human,

Perfectly imperfect
Beautifully flawed
Complete in each and every single moment.


Author: Alexa Torontow

Image: Used with permission from Tareck Raffoul

Volunteer Editor: Pavita Singh / Editor: Toby Israel


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