October 22, 2016

What the Beatles can Teach us about Life & Love.


“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom…” ~ Paul McCartney


I have taken a few lessons from music, but none as significant as “Let it Be.”


It happened when I put down the oars.
I had been thrashing at the water,
My arms were weary,
I had hardly moved.
I lay back in the boat,
Felt the lull of the water
Beneath me as though
It were my heartbeat.
The gentle drift,
The soft lapping
Of the water against discarded paddles.
I looked up at the stars;
They looked down at me in
Twinkling amusement,
Wondering at how long
I’d taken to get it.
The scenery changed around me.
I only had to enjoy the journey,
The being
In this place—
And I marveled.





Author: Lieselle Davidson

Image: YouTube

Editor: Travis May

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