November 8, 2016

5 Things every Millennial in America should Consider before Tomorrow.


The election is tomorrow and I urge my fellow millennials (and everyone) to get out and vote.

Make your voice heard—especially young women: A CNN contributor recently commented that young women would be the voice of this election. More millennial women are projected to vote for Hillary than they did Barack. Everything matters in this election: the House, the Senate, and the precedence of our country’s character for the next couple of years.

Who are you in this election?

What do you stand for?

What do you support?

Is it this?

Let’s show America who we are by standing up for what we believe in. Let’s vote for the ideals that most closely reflect our character and our values. Let’s vote for groundbreaking propositions that will put important policies in place. Let’s vote for House and Senate representatives who stick up for what we believe in.

The candidate we nominate as leader of the free world will determine our stance on abortion, healthcare, college tuition, and many other topics that will most certainly affect our lives individually and collectively—here at home and in the rest of the world.

Let’s not stick our heads in the sand.

Who do we want to be—an individuals, as a nation?

What will our legacy be for the next generation? Or ours?

Children said it best:

Let’s elect someone with a proven track record. Let’s elect a strong leader who knows how to learn from her past, intends to create the best outcomes with her time in office (and has proven so in the past), and can get policies passed in a bipartisan way through the House and the Senate:

We need someone who is a fighter:

There have been a lot of “facts” thrown around this election season, but her are some actual ones about Hillary:

We’re definitely going to elect a flawed leader. There is no way around that.

But then all leaders are.

The question is whether we want a fierce, fair and capable one.

As for me: I’m with her.


Bonus, from Elephant editor Waylon Lewis:

All this homophobia and xenophobia etc etc is bringing all the pus and inflammation and disease out to the fore—now it’s our job to expose it for what it is. This could be the dying gasp of the old white men who make Fox the most popular thing there is. Young white men and college educated whites are far more progressive.

From a Buddhist pov, bad news isn’t bad news: bad news is exposing what’s already there, and now we can talk and connect. Stop blocking Trump fans on FB, start talking to them with respect, without hatred, and educate, educate, educate–without being condescending or fearful. Many of them are good, good people, and many of “us” are just as hate-filled and self-justifying in our hate. We just hate and fear different things.

Finally, that said, right on: we are only days away from possibly electing a fear-mongerer who would destroy democracy, our environment, our social fabric…he must be stopped and re-exposed for the two-bit tyrant that he is.

Share your message on elephant–where you may reach thousands upon thousands of folks. I put up a blog about this kind of thing yesterday that’s reached 30K and counting. Support independent media, not just Zuckerberg. ~ ed.



Author: Mariam Yavari

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Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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