November 10, 2016

A Poem for those Who Feel the Pain of the World.

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This is for those who feel things deeply in their bones and cells, because I know things have been hard lately.

It is challenging to feel like we are responsible for the state of the world. More challenging still when the world does not play out the way we wanted it too.

Call us empaths, highly sensitive humans or just regular people who understand love, heartbreak and the desire for deep healing.

This is a poem for those who feel, because right now we need an extra bit of love.


Let me hold you, dear—
Allow my arms to wrap around you, and finally surrender
for just a minute,
and be here.

Do not worry,
I’m not asking of you forever.

Let go of the burden you carry,
have carried and now need to burry somewhere deep,
cool and dark.

It is okay to let it rest now,
after all those years of suffering.
There is something much greater here that wants you.

Can you hear it whisper?

Your heart knows.
Follow that sacred beat for a minute,
let it lead you to a stream of peace,
take the hand of the muse who is calling.

You deserve this love.

It is asking you to transform,
and change doesn’t happen when we hold onto too much—
it occurs when we allow space to come between things.

So let go.

Give away what you no longer need,
burn the pain that you carry,
release it all.

Slow down for a minute, darling.


Find stillness again and remember what it is you are here for.
If you can’t recall it,
just become quiet.


There is something that will speak to you through the stillness,
through the space between each achievement or purchase or goal—
let it remind you,
peace requires nothing but presence,
so don’t build up a tower against it.

Emptiness is the place in which all was first formed.
Trust in the journey of this life,
and in the end know we will look back on it all with laughter.

All this time we were so serious with the things we could never control.


Let something else hold and move you,
dance barefoot for a moment,
and remember what it feels like to just be.

It is okay to find solace right here,
even amidst the turmoil.

Suffering has never ceased, nor has the experience of joy,
just look at the smile on a young one’s face.

Be that brave.

Remember, we were born free,
and so too shall we leave.


Know, dears, that it is this living between earth and sky that is the most tumultuous, but that our mission here is to find a way to rejoice in it. We are meant to do something else then suffer.

Understand too, that right here amidst our pain, something wishes to hold us.

At this time of uncertainty, may we come back to the empty stillness where all possibilities roam.


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Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Timothy Marsee/Flickr

Editor: Toby Israel


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Read 12 comments and reply

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