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I want to know.

I don’t care where you are from
What you do for a living
Or who you know

I want to know
If you can stand in the fire of your own truth

I want to know
If you can keep your feet on the ground
And your breath steady
When life gets almost incomprehensibly hard

I’m not asking you to build me a house
Pay the bills
Or compromise your life vision

I’m asking for your unwavering respect
Your absolute truth
Even if it’s not always what you think I want to hear

I’m asking for your courage
To stare directly into the eyes of the unknown
Into your fear
And not look away

I’m asking you to stand by my side
When I have those moments of collapse
Questioning everything that I think I know

I’m asking for you to be flexible
When life gets messy
When things don’t go according to plan

I don’t think I’m asking for much

Just the necessary ingredients
Of the type of life I want to live
And the kind of people I want to live it with.




Author: Alexa Torontow

Image: used with permission from Keren Noy

Editor: Travis May


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About Alexa Torontow

Alexa Torontow is a naturopathic medical student, yoga teacher and writer in Canada. She's wildly passionate about preventative health, mindful movement and discovering daily tools that help us feel better and live better. Connect with Alexa on Facebook , Instagram , or through her Website.


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