Sweet Human, Remember why you are Here. {Poem}

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Not for re-use. (Photo used with permission by Tessa Shannon)

Sweet human,

Remember why you are here
Remember your soul’s purpose

Remember you are not here to conquer the world
But to be of service to it

You are not here to be better than one another
Achieving and accomplishing more than your fellow man

You are here to catch a glimpse of the divine
Time and time again,
Through your art,
Through your listening,
Through your unique gifts that you bring by just being here

You are not here to change or fix each other
Or criticize one’s steps along their individual path

You are here to remember
Where you came from,
Why you are here,
And who you are beneath it all

You are here to remember that we are on the same team
That community will take us to far greater landscapes than competition every could

You are here to listen deeply to your heart’s desire,
To connect to something greater beyond your individual self,
To tune into that stirring within,
And tend to the language of the soul

With each breath,
With each step,
Within each moment,
Walking one another home.




Author: Alexa Torontow

Image: Tessa Shannon, used with permission

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


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About Alexa Torontow

Alexa Torontow is a naturopathic medical student, yoga teacher and writer in Canada. She’s wildly passionate about preventative health, mindful movement and discovering daily tools that help us feel better and live better. Connect with Alexa on Facebook , Instagram , or through her Website.


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