November 24, 2016

The Secret Magic Hidden in Gratitude.

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If you have ever listened to a sermon, self-help, a motivational speech, or made a wish, you have encountered the energy of gratitude.

It seems to be the missing ingredient that changes people’s lives. In fact, as a nation we have set aside a day to feast and give thanks over the bounty of food. But, what is the magic in gratitude?

Well, the magic in gratitude is shared with so many other elements of living a fulfilled life. That element is choice. Our bodies and minds are susceptible to harmonizing with negative thoughts. In fact, as someone who listens to hours upon hours of motivational speeches, I often hear the orator refer to “most people” as the hoards that acquiesce to complacency.

I’ve often wondered about that phrase, “most people.” Haven’t we all been depressed, exhausted, and vulnerable to suggestion in the face of survival? How many of us have chosen judgement over possibility because we bought into the notion that answers will save us? In other words, aren’t we all part of the mob?

What is extraordinary is that as a member of the mob I can choose to break free. Any time a person looks around them, takes stock of their circumstances, and shifts the energy by offering gratitude is pure magic. The power of gratitude is that it brings us fully into the present moment. It is the acknowledgement of all the miracles that surround us that we often take for granted.

Bodies are miracles. The creation of art is a miracle. Spiritual practice is a miracle. Hot water, drinking water, warmth, breath, food, sustenance, affection, discourse, nature, and the menagerie that is life is a miracle. Gratitude celebrates these miracles.

Of course it is easy to focus on divisiveness and negativity. But it is near impossible to remain in that energy once we start to say what we are grateful for out loud.

So, between the bustle of tradition and the barrage of stimulation, take a moment, or several, to engage in the practice of gratitude and create magic.




Author: Rebekah McClaskey

Image: Gaia Yoga

Editor: Travis May

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