November 9, 2016

Today I am Heartbroken. {Poem}

Volkan Olmez/Unsplash

Today I am Heartbroken

And I am angry
That 59 million people
Used their voices
For this.

That faces I’ve known my whole life
Now look foreign to me
as their unspoken words
scream that we are nothing
kick us in the gut
and clamp a palm over our mouths.

this will not be okay
stop telling me that.

Racism, sexism, bigotry, anti-LGBT rights
will never be okay,
and besides
after this
We no longer have the luxury
To shoot for just okay
We have to go for more
Letting this somber day
Burn a fire in us
That will not be easily extinguished
So today
I will be heartbroken
I will clench my fists
And shed hot angry tears
For all of you
All of us
Who have been set back
And silenced
But tomorrow
I will wake up
And I will show the fuck up
In whatever way I can
Striving to do so
until the last drop of breath
has leaked from my lungs.

That’s a promise
Will you join me?


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Author: Heather Lacy

Image: Volkan Olmez/Unsplash

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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