December 2, 2016

25 Ways to Reuse an Old Yoga Mat.

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Buying a brand new eco-friendly yoga mat is a good idea. But it leaves us with the dilema of finding a creative way to keep our old yoga mat out of the landfill.

Here are 25 creative reuses for your old yoga mat:

1. Use as a seat liner for the back seat in the car while taking your dog to the vet or groomer.

2. Place under an area rug for no-slip gripping.

3. Drop off your old mat at an animal rescue group. Most of these places need soft, durable mats, rugs, towels and blankets to line crates.

4. Use an old yoga mat in the garage or shop to keep from slipping on the workbench while using power tools on them.

5. Line kitchen shelves to prevent glasses from slipping and scratching.

6. Cut the mat into squares and use them as “bases” while playing baseball with the kids. Easy to carry and easy to clean!

7. Use to kneel on in the garden to protect your knees.

8. Use as kitchen drawer liners.

9. Cut it up to make a mouse pad.

10. Use it on the beach instead of a towel.

11. Use as grip pads to open jars.

12. Cut to size and use as foot pads for the bottom of furniture legs to keep them from scratching wood floors. Glue pieces on with a non-toxic adhesive.

14. Place it under your sleeping bag as a sleeping pad while camping.

15. Make covers for sharp corners like in a parking garage or school.

16. No more messy packing peanuts. Use old yoga mats to protect valuables while moving or shipping.

17. Make children’s toys: cut holes and create masks, hats, costumes and props; cut into shapes and letters for tub and pool toys.

18. Make a littler box pad to keep kitty litter from spreading all over.

19. Plug up drafty places: windows, doors and under window air conditioners to save energy.

20. Yoga mats are great to pad the hard bleachers while watching sporting events.

21. Old yoga mats make a great liner under house plants—cut it to fit each plant.

22. Donate to nursing homes so residents do not slip while getting in and out of bed.

23. Place between your surfboard and car to protect both from abrasion.

24. Lay it over the dashboard and steering wheel to keep the sun out.

25. Keep in the car for those spur of the moment picnics, keeping groceries from sliding around in the trunk.


Look for other reuses on freecycle or email Jade Yoga.

If you have other ideas about how to reuse your old yoga mat, please share in the comments. Use your imagination.

When ordering your Jade Yoga mat use code: ELEPHANT for free shipping.



The foundation of Yoga is literally toxic and bad for you–unless you’re using this. (Really)


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