December 17, 2016

Feng Shui Tips for the New Year.


With the present year coming to a close, and the beginning of a new one quickly approaching, people are busy rounding up their resolutions. You know the ones: get fit, spend less, plan more trips and make every moment count.

But even with self-initiative and the best of intentions, come February, the zeal will fade and all but a few will give up. Why? Because, positive and lasting changes cannot be created on a base of worn out energy. It is important to revitalize.

Practicing Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”), is a Chinese art that helps to create new energies and teaches ways of harmonizing them. The ancient practice is based on the belief that everything is made up of energy, both good and bad. The good energy circulation (also known as, chi) brings balance to every aspect of life, whereas, negative energy offsets balance and wreaks havoc.

Feng Shui translates into, “wind and water,” which are each important to acquiring good health and good fortune. Those who wish to achieve vitality, a prosperous career and a more rewarding love life in the new year should consider incorporating some Feng Shui into their everyday routine, starting with these simple tips.

Declutter Immediately:

When your life is cluttered, so is your mind. You can’t make room for new things without getting rid of some of the old ones first. Purge anything that no longer serves you—relationships and belongings alike. Clutter signifies unfinished business and inhibits you from moving forward into a fresh, new year.

Consider minimizing waste to our landfills and instead, loading up a couple of bags to donate to local thrift stores and shelters.

Take a Nature Walk:

Yes, travel more! And when you do, make sure to go exploring outside. Nature has a way of restoring mental functions and rejuvenating the body. Quiet your mind by getting away from the city bustle and the constant buzzing of technology that we have grown accustomed to. There’s nothing quite like sitting under a tree with a book or a scribble pad or walking through a scenic park. Kick off the new year by planning a camping trip or a hike with friends.

While you’re out there, close your eyes and take it all in; then open them and take in some more. Memorize the animals surrounding you, the sunshine kissing the top of your face, every kind of woodsy or floral scent drifting through the air and the way the wind moves about your body.

Create Fresh Air at Home:

Even if you’ve been outside with the real deal, having fresh air circulating inside of your home is equally important. At least once a day, open your windows; let out the stale air and invite in new airflow for fresh ideas. By allowing clean, positive energy to course through your open space, you are encouraging a nourishing environment.

Breathe Deeply, Intentionally:

Raise your energy level by focusing on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply, purposefully, becoming more aware of your surroundings with each subsequent breath. Concentrating on breathing helps to let go of anything that might be troubling your energy. Every breath inward aids in collecting troubled thoughts while every breath outward flushes them from the body.

Consider joining a yoga class in the new year or learning how to meditate. They are excellent ways to focus on breathing. When the body is releasing tension, it’s opening up new space for more energy.

Close Out the World:

Your body requires rest and your bedroom is your sanctuary. Getting enough sleep makes you more enjoyable to be around and less prone to disease. Sleep in on January 1st, then rise up and give your bedroom a makeover. In order to create the perfect space, be sure to clear out clutter, any technology and pictures of the whole family.

Instead, opt for as much natural lighting as possible, use welcoming and calming colors such as warm shades of earth and skin tones and display favorite art pieces or photographs of you and your partner. Careful consideration should go into the placement of the bed, away from the window and away from in front of the doors opening. Silky, soft linens and an essential oil diffuser are bonuses.

Practicing these things will ensure a flow of chi needed in order to invite the optimum amount of health and happiness for the start of the new year.



Author: Emily Duty

Image: Flickr/Ashley I

Editor: Travis May

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