January 7, 2017

Seven Steps for Successful Manifesting.

The beginning of a new year represents a time when there are myriad opportunities for creating a fresh start in our lives.

We all feel the excitement and allure of having a blank slate before us upon which a new narrative, a new story, can be written. We gleefully explore all the different ways that we can manifest what we desire our life to look like and life becomes a series of lists and wishes.

Manifesting, or conscious creation is a powerful tool for creating change in life, but so many of us dismiss its potency or become frustrated when what we are working to manifest does not seem to come to us. When things do not move as we expected, we abandon our manifesting and easily fall back into previous patterns.

It’s not that manifesting doesn’t work, in fact my life is a living example that life, the universe, God or Goddess (however you wish to attribute this life source energy) is as limitless as are we. I went from being 20 years old with a newborn baby and still in college to running a soulful and yet profitable six-figure business. I went from being a single mother, just beginning her business, after yet another relationship bit the dust, to marrying the man of my dreams and loving every moment of it, even 10 years later.

Our current station in life doesn’t matter, nor do the mistakes we’ve made or where we come from. But knowing how to manifest is just as important as our commitment to staying the course. It’s easy to give up when things do not work as we wish. It’s harder yet to stay committed and brush up on our skills so that we work with the flow.

In my work with manifesting (for myself and teaching others how to do so, effectively) I have found that there are seven things that make for successful manifesting:

1. Be the master of your (mental) domain.

Those who manifest successfully do so because they are diligent about what enters their mind space. Successful manifestation requires that we do daily audits (and sometimes hourly if we are entirely new to this process) to create awareness of our thoughts.

For many of us, our baseline tends to be a poverty mindset with thoughts more focused on challenges, obstacles, lack and limitation. It’s impossible to vibrationally align yourself with what you desire if your mind is cluttered with the energy of lack. The good news is that just as we programmed our brains to focus on lack, we are just as capable of retraining our brain to the vibrational equivalent of what we seek. Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs determine our actions. Strive for thoughts which create opportunity, not drive it away.

2. Spend more time focused on gratitude than want.

Gratitude is the grease which keeps all the cogs in the manifesting machine running smoothly. Without it our minds tend to easily slip into a poverty mindset. Gratitude reminds us to be appreciative of what we already have. To honor the journey. To honor that which surrounds and supports us.

It equally helps us to focus on what truly matters so that what we work to consciously create in our lives is in alignment with this. Gratitude also raises our vibration, thus allowing us to attract other high-vibration qualities, experiences and people into our lives. Additionally, when we consciously focus on gratitude we become aware of just how blessed we truly are. Even if it’s simply appreciating that we woke up this morning with a body willing to face another day, we all have something for which we can be grateful for.

3. Pay attention to your vibration.

As you likely guessed, next we need to cover the importance of a high vibration. Emotions which are heavy and stress the body and the mind tend to have a lower vibration. They will only attract things of that same or similar vibration frequency. Hence the reason why staying in low vibe emotions and thoughts not only negates conscious creation but also keeps us locked in the very frequency we want to change. Successful manifestors are those who work to be sensitive of their own vibration as well as the vibration of what approaches them. This allows them to intuitively feel out what thoughts and opportunities are aligned with what they are working toward creating.

4. Have an internal belief that anything is possible.

Anything is possible. It sounds too simple to be effective, but you may be shocked how often we limit ourselves in this department. I know I was shocked when I started to audit my thoughts to foster awareness of all the beliefs, all the stories that I told which diametrically opposed this very belief. It turns out that I was walking around suggesting that a great deal was not possible for a variety of (incorrect) reasons. In truth, it was nothing more than a mechanism that kept me small—it justified my not taking the chance and trusting the process.

5. Because trust…

Is absolutely necessary. Without a doubt, if we lack trust, we will absolutely fail at manifesting successfully. When we lack trust in ourselves or the process we go from response to reaction. When something happens, which challenges our work, we immediately become reactive and slip into self-defeating (and vibration lowering) behaviors, emotions and thoughts.

When I am working on manifesting something and a wrench is thrown in the process, I must trust that the work I have been doing is going to bear fruit. It’s this belief that keeps me focused on what I want, not what I don’t want. It’s the motivation to keep my mental space clear and high vibe. It’s the fire that keeps me moving in the direction of what I desire, despite obstacles, because successful manifestors understand that life will ebb and flow.

We are all riding that wave and to expect that manifesting means that life never, ever throws a challenge on your path is unrealistic, not to mention false. Life is not static and neither are we, but trust is what will allow us to ride the wave of life without faltering over every hiccup. 

6. Learn to let go.

Here is the thing about manifesting: So many of us want something and yet we have no place to put it. This applies to the physical things we desire as much as it does the intangible things we want. Those who successfully manifest do so because they are willing to part with things. They dig in deep to their internal landscape and assess what needs to go.

What thoughts hold you back? What emotions keep us locked into place? What beliefs directly oppose that which we desire? The same applies for our physical reality. Nothing stops the flow of energy more than a clogged physical environment. Clean out the closets and “junk” drawers. Go into the crawl space and start getting rid of things you have not used in the last three months. This is sometimes the hardest thing for many of us to do because we tend to attach emotional meaning to things, but it is also one of the fastest ways to access immediate manifestation.

7. Take responsibility.

I know, boring, right? Who wants to acknowledge that their lives, whether good or bad are a direct reflection of the choices they have made or didn’t make? Well, we all do if we want to access the ability to manifest change in our lives! The wonderful thing about taking full responsibility for our lives, top to bottom, is that it follows the belief that we and we alone have power over our lives. And if we had the power to create where our current reality, we have the power to create a new one. It’s always easier (and for many of us, preferable, even) to point the finger outside of ourselves. To see ourselves as victims of a cruel world. But that belief on its own is enough to inhibit the ability to consciously create in our lives. We must accept it was our power that got us here so that the same power can get us out.

This time of year is perfect for dreaming big and really making the intention to create change. Whether we are looking for a new job or simply desire to create a more positive and stable internal landscape, these tips will prove to be great tools. We are at the beginning of a year that offers an even more potent opening for manifesting. 2017 has a 1 numerology and a 10 Tarot association.

A 1 year offers us a blank slate—an opportunity for creating any change we desire, small and large. The number 10 in Tarot is associated with the Wheel of Fortune card and promises that the wheel is turning in our favor so long as we take a proactive approach. Nothing comes without work; everything worth having takes a little effort. But the energy of 2017 encourages us all to really step into our power. To dream big, to uncover those wishes that have been long buried and begin to access our magic for making dreams into a reality.

I wish you all a wonderful, most prosperous, joyful and healthful New Year!




Author: Laura Brown

Image: Deviant Art

Editor: Travis May

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