January 13, 2017

A Soulful Message from a Modern-Day Goddess.

Feel the world intensely
Even if what touches you
is a thousand pin pricks of
Unsolicited wisdom.

It hurts to be slapped at.
to feel
Unwanted and unloved.

But a Voice within
Softly whispers,
You can. You will.

Infinite reminders of your limitations
are in the water you drink
The channel you click
The newsfeed you scan.
Oh that feed
that feeds on you and
Sucks the meat from your bones,
Convincing you of your

And you fear the world has already chosen
Its end.

But that Voice
It whispers,
You can. You will.

It is an ugly carousel.
A cyclical ride you did not pay for
yet drains your coffers.
It is a betrayal that makes you
Sick to your stomach and
has you grasping for isolation.
You cover your ears
your eyes
your heart.

But your Voice
It still whispers,
You can. You will.

Now listen.
It is not your job to bust your face on a brick wall.
It is not your role to negotiate with ignorance.
It is not your way to scream back
to stoop low
to cry wolf
to cave in.

We are the creatives.
The challengers
The molders of New.
We break the wheels and
Reinvent the rides.
We change the perception
as well as the cause.
We don’t need soap boxes and megaphones
Toupees and empty promises.
We need not hide behind the truth.
We need only tell it.

It hurts.
Like the first layer of skin being
Pulled back from a burn.
A rawness
A constant sting.
But do not believe you are beaten.
Do not believe you cannot stand the pain.

Your fragility is not your weakness.
Your hesitation is.
Be brave, my heart.
Feel intensely.
Tell the Story.
And watch as the earth crumbles
Beneath the false idol’s feet.

I have nothing to give but myself.
My Voice.
My whisper in a sea of shouting multitudes.
But it is enough.
And so are you.


Author: Stacy Lynn Gould

Image: Used with permission from Tareck Raffoul

Editor: Toby Israel


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Read 1 comment and reply

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