January 9, 2017

An Older Woman & a Younger Man: a Fact not a Fairy Tale.

He looks more like your son than your lover, but he touches you like nobody ever has. He listens to you too, and implements the wisdom that you share. When you are out, he will pay for dinner when he can, but you don’t mind treating him to a meal so fine that it blows his mind.

He never glances at younger women. He isn’t interested. With you on his arm, he is both more mature and accomplished and you feel wanted and youthful. He inspires you to do things you wouldn’t: like see the dessert tray, insisting that he share the chocolate silk pie. He notices but doesn’t mention that you only have a tiny bite while he finishes off this rich dessert.

You want to look your best for him—you do and he appreciates it. At the gym you don’t feel old, you have a purpose older than time: to please the one you love.

It’s different 

We used to worship youth, but those days are over. Now we are deeper, appreciating the seasoned, experienced confidence that a few more days or years make. He especially loves you in bed, and learns to take his time. He likes the way that you ask for what you want and exalts in exceeding your expectations.

He never really learned how to please a woman until he met you—a real woman who wouldn’t settle. You invite him in every way to be present with you during sex. You do so by setting him at ease, bringing satisfaction to the sheets instead of giggling like a young thing embarrassed by intimacy.

You thrive in his company and are emboldened. You don’t worry about what your mother might think, because she was of a different time.


Just one date with him reminds you that you are desirable, classic and a woman of substance. Several more outings confirm not only your relevance but his appreciation for your cultivation of the finer things in life.

Smart is being quick, but you offer him a glimpse into wisdom, the willingness to wait for something worthwhile. It doesn’t take long for his orgasms to mature from rapid events to something worth savoring and waiting for. He is strong in a different way than you are. He has those muscles that can go all night long, you have the receptivity to outlast him receiving anything and everything he has to offer.

You become younger than your years while with him, but also very, very old: even timeless. You are a mountain range to him, rising above other women, offering him perspective from on high and your company reminds him that he matters. He becomes timeless too—the two of you live out happily ever after each moment.


At first he retreats, hiding behind his youth. He tries to bully you a bit, because he thinks he has the leverage of youth. But it doesn’t take him long to discover that you know better, that you offer more than he can yet, and that his job, in the things that really matter, like love, sensitivity and kissing is to receive.

The more often you get together the lighter you both become; this isn’t like a usual competitive, immature relationship. This is the two of you playing at a much higher purpose. Things like an unmade bed, who pays for dinner or the logistics of living together are replaced with levity. The two of you laugh together whether it is during french kissing or playing Bananagrams until 3 a.m.

Sometimes you get tired just from laughing, loving and being held. And it is then that he really comes in handy. He rises to the occasion, becomes less the age of your son and more the father you always wanted. He holds you as you fall asleep in the safest of possible worlds.

The future

Who knows whether the two of you will be together in a year or 10 years. It doesn’t matter, because it is certain that you are both way better now for being together. You are both winning, and that is what matters. One glimpse or thought of him is like rain in the desert: you bloom, blossoming into your second, third or even fourth youth.

The future doesn’t matter, and neither does the past. You share now, and in the present there is no age difference between the two of you. A casual observer wouldn’t notice. But anyone who knows would instantly perceive that the two of you are making the most of each moment and there really isn’t anything more important than that.

The people who really care about you get it. They see you become ageless. Love doesn’t have a shelf life or a time stamp and you have entered a world so full of love that every second you spend together is self affirming for both of you.

Even when apart you don’t return to the time bound world. You look in the mirror and see love, you bounce, or crawl out of bed in the morning ready for another day of love, lust and levity.

A fairy tale

You never expected this, or asked for it, but you have it and apparently earned it. You nurture his youth; he takes care of your vintage virginity, a repeatedly born again woman with a man so recently born.

He has done wonders for your imagination and your reality. You have done the same for him. Alternately one of you is the wise old tree, a veteran of the forest and the other a sapling.

It turns out that when you are both growing and together, you are growing together. There are no mismatches when it comes to love, only layers of love to be savored like a hard, sweet candy.

You let love lead the way and discover whole new worlds of pleasure, treasures that most people miss. You don’t miss them. You dare to put appearances aside and welcome a young man into your heart, into your bed and into your life. Every day feels like the best holiday ever and you forget about your birthday, instead, just being so glad both of you were born, have met and will have no regrets.




Author: Jerry Stocking

Image: Flickr/Lorezno Tlacelel

Editor: Travis May

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