January 23, 2017

Ashley Judd & a 19-year-old poet Re-Inspired Nasty Women Everywhere with one Powerhouse Speech.

Honored to march with these #nastywomen. #WomensMarchDC

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Everyone has been talking about Ashley Judd’s poignant speech at the Women’s March on Washington.

But these words were not written by Judd. They were the words of Nina Donovan, a 19-year-old from my home state of Tennessee.

Judd delivered Donovan’s message in a spoken word anthem to women, and the world. She touched on every single way we are divided as women and as humans.

The fervent list of injustices has stayed with me, and left me feeling like maybe we’re on the edge of a big change.

I’m in awe of the young woman who wrote these words. Knowing that there are 19-year-old women with this kind of social awareness, grit, and courage gives me so much hope. Donovan, and all brave young women like her, will stand beside my daughter and lead their generation to greater equality—not just for women, but for everyone.

In a way, listening to Judd’s passionate words makes me grateful for Donald Trump. To many, he is a living embodiment of everything wrong in the world today. He has become a focal point for our outrage. He has given us a common enemy. But ultimately, he has brought us together with the divine purpose of standing up for those who need it most.

Maybe we needed Trump to get us pissed off enough to do something with our indignation. Maybe he was the only one who could unite and mobilize us, the only one who could force us into action. Maybe the Cheeto-colored pussy grabber was the only creature foul enough to get us ready to stop talking and start doing.

And as for Judd, I was already taken with her humanitarian work. Last year, she was named Ambassador of Polaris, an organization that fights against human trafficking and modern slavery. She is an outspoken feminist and an advocate for women around the world.

In our culture of reality television and celebrity nonsense, she’s a shining example of someone using their status for good. She makes me proud to be a Nashvillian, and proud to be a Nasty Woman.



And check out Nina Donovan performing “Nasty Woman” live:



Author: Renee Dubeau

Image: @ashley_judd on Instagram; Twitter

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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