My Ode to Nature: a Message of Love. {Poem}

Via Dr. Matthew Wilburn King
on Jan 28, 2017
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When I think of you I’m absorbed;
Affection moves me, making me feel alive;
Always amazed by my deep appreciation for you, astonished and aroused;
Intensely fascinated and free simply because you’re so calming, you fulfill me.

With you, I’m giggly and glad, gloriously glowing;
Enjoying your good-humor and gracious ways;
Gratified by passions of surrender and a happy state of mind;
Blissful, breathless, and buoyant, I become calm. 

You are the carefree nature that brings me comfort;
Composed and contented by your beauty, shared so effortlessly;
Inquisitively inspired, integrated;
Invigorated, my soul, intensely. 

I am interested in you;
You make me feel depth and passion
Arising only through the light of you;
I am mellow and free, light-hearted with glee.

You make me feel cool;
Curiously being dazzled by your delighted ways;
I am eager to fall into your embrace and be enveloped;
Entangled in words that will never capture your beauty.

When I am with you, I am, always;
Ecstatically magnified by your colorful and energetic presence;
Elated, encouraged, and soothed as I’m overjoyed by your presence and pleasance;
Humbled that you share your quiet radiance with me, love.

With you I am raptured, refreshed, relieved and satisfied;
Securely engrossed by the feeling and the thought of you;
Your simplicity and complexity breeds an enlivening, enthusiastic, and exalted peace;
I am so excited that I know you; I am you.

Exhilarated, touched;
Your being expansively enveloping all that I am, the sea that I see;
Exuberant one, sensitive nature embracing all that I am;
Spellbound by the power that you have over me; I am thankful that I know you.

I am thrilled and delighted in your trusted tranquility;
Life with you is wonderful;
There isn’t anything I want to feel other than how I feel when I am with you, alive;
In nature!


Author: Dr. Matthew Wilburn King

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock 



About Dr. Matthew Wilburn King

Dr. Matthew Wilburn King is an American author, international consultant, and creative residing in Boulder, Colorado. He has two decades of experience conducting research and development, leading projects, and delivering strategies in the fields of environment, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship. He’s worked for government, academia, non-profits and the private sector. He consults and advises people worldwide. Dr. King has published academic and popular literature as well as given talks around the world. He’s been to every Continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica, completed expeditions to over 30 countries, lived in five and studied and conducted research in four—completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge (U.K). He serves as President and Chairman of the Futurity Foundation, supporting and mentoring people making positive social and environmental changes. Dr. King’s ultimate purpose in life is to live, love and learn. His biggest journey, thus far, has been his current one, from head to heart. You can find Dr. King on his website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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