January 1, 2017

Setting the Past Ablaze: How to Craft a Contented Life.

I never would’ve imagined a year ago, that I’d be exploring the numerous temptations life has to offer us with so much love and naive wonder.

So much pain from my past, I no longer carry with me—it no longer has a place in this destined life of love and mystery.

We strive toward happiness, but we wade in the murky waters of despair. There’s so much in the world for us to witness and behold. It’s easy to chase one desire after another for that ever-elusive fulfillment that’s actually fleeting.

I’d like to impart some wisdom, relating to the vast experiences that I’ve learned from over this past year.

I’ve struggled tremendously attempting to fit in to societal expectations, but have always failed miserably. After being laid off from my day job around this time last year, something within beckoned me to trust my creative pursuits rather than any further monotony.

Looming uncertainty hinted at a revival—rebirth.

By March, I was stranded purposely outside of house and home. Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, I chose to live in the mountains for two weeks, where I could hold ceremony with Spirit, unhindered by a civilized world. It was a splendid opportunity to fast, let my body rest and simply be, without the constraints imposed upon a mad world.

Concluding this unique vision-quest, while descending that mountain corridor, Spirit spoke—whispering to me, “Just do what you love.”

This concept is profoundly simple to conceive, yet impatiently hard to endure at times.

This newborn wisdom motivated me to continue pursuing my passion for writing and eventually led to the embodiment of healing work too. After 10 years of working with a healer, who I’d consider a catalyst to many life-altering experiences, the courage to leap suddenly arrived.

Years of shedding unwanted habits and ego that had severely hindered my growth finally culminated in a year of utmost mystery and unfavorable dismay, ultimately leading me to bravely face my own shadow, and finally casting a light that reflects my own true nature, rather than that of others who’d helped shape me.

Hanging on to sentiment, while letting go of many of my worldly possessions, I simply trusted—allowing Spirit to sway my direction to and fro. Just days ago, I let go of sentimental ties to some of my possessions and felt the utmost liberation afterward—realizing the ego’s attachment to physical objects.

Just yesterday, I was by the creek, soaking up sunshine while observing the ducks as they painted a tapestry of awe in my mind, their splendid nature mesmerizing my soul and leading to the realization that so many of us do nearly anything to avoid the present moment for long periods of time—minutes, hours, days, weeks, months.

Being still with life is a wondrous delight. We can learn to appreciate this fleeting experience more.

Nothing I’ve accomplished over the years can stand up to the magnitude of life itself and the precious time we have here. At night, I humbly lay down with the earth and wake in the near-darkness. My goal is to simply be here, present for more of this light of day that now captivates my senses and arouses the mystery within my mind to simply adore this experience, in-play.

Yes, I’m setting my past ablaze, to light the way toward more mystery, creativity and fulfilling soul-inspiring dreams each day.

Let old energy decay and rise early to behold each new moment we have here, to simply be human.

Trust in the journey, and fuel your spirit with whatever fuels your obsessions—because when the time comes to leave this material plane, all we’ll reflect on are fleeting memories of the masterpiece we call life.


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Image: Tereck Raffoul

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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Read 46 comments and reply

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