January 24, 2017

Thank you, President Trump.

I didn’t want to go to the Women’s March this weekend.

I hate crowds, traffic and generally, being bothered.

However, I realized this was my opportunity for a new experience and to stand up for something I believe in. So I went.

I was disturbed, but not surprised, by the amount of anti-Trump talk and signs present. Not to mention the devil on the pole, which apparently represented him.

I understand it, of course. I am also dismayed and disturbed that we have voted this person into the most important position of our country. However, we did vote him.

We can stand behind the “Not My President” statement but as a country, we voted him. How we allowed for it to progress this far is beyond me.

I try to keep the manta “it all happens for a reason” at my disposal at all times. However, I have been having trouble applying it to this situation. After I attended the rally, I now might have a way to believe in it again.

My friend and I were waiting to march and listening to the speeches. Behind us a beautiful scene was unfolding.

A young girl was holding a sign stating, “This silly young girl took her rights for granted and now this nasty woman is fighting to keep them.” Tears were running down her face as she was listening to an older woman speaking. They were discussing the fights for rights in the past and that the future does not have to be so bleak. These two strangers connected, cried and hugged one another, instantly bonding over a common concern.

I could actually feel this energy the moment we arrived.

We spoke with strangers in the restroom line, in the coffee line and all around us. It is almost as if we all had the guarantee that we would instantly connect with those around us.

How beautiful would it be if we could live our lives this way, day to day. I believe we are all connected. Even with the people who would never attend this rally. We do not need to agree with people to care and love for them.

Maybe all of this upheaval does have a bigger purpose. Maybe we Americans have become complacent and lazy and we have taken our rights for granted. What happens to some of us, happens to all of us.

So thank you, young girl with your beautiful sign.

Thank you, veteran rally warrior for seeing her pain.

Thank you to the families, men, dog owners, hat wearers, chanters, and rabble rousers.

Thank you to the straight, gay, black, white, brown, old and young.

We are all in this together. We can help and love one another.

And, yes, thank you President Trump for waking us up. You might be just the thing we need.


Author: Kerry Corlis

Image: Jamelle Bouie/Flickr 

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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