February 4, 2017

A Modern-Day Fairy Exists in us All.

The modern-day fairy exists in us all.

She wanders and roams, spreading magic everywhere she touches.

She doesn’t let the world swallow her. She creates her own rhythm and marches to the beat of her heart. She knows her worth and loves herself authentically. She desires to leave traces of love with everyone who crosses her path.

She makes passing strangers smile by simply offering one first.

She voices compliments that most keep to themselves.

She does this by:

Showing her genuine desire to help others and following through with the promise.

Seeing the beauty of life and instilling that beauty in everyone around her.

Making the most of everyday things and crafting them, no matter what the endeavor, into an adventure.

Wanting to touch the hearts of those she encounters—for if she cannot change the lives of others, perhaps she can change a moment.

Giving people energy and lifting them higher, yet refusing to let her own energy diminish in the process.

Appreciating everything.

Letting her deepest and most sincere light shine through, filling the space around her.

Earnestly giving and therefore receiving.

The modern-day fairy can easily be lost in the oppression and judgment that lives in the world. In the bustle and chaos of everyday life, she can be covered up and pushed aside, making way for a persona whose humanity convinces us that it’s acceptable and appropriate. She can fade under stress or inescapable sadness. She can feel lost, but she will never disappear.

The modern-day fairy exists in us all.

She litters the world with love and light. Her path is contagious. She offers the Earth what’s missing by being gentle and kind and powerfully exquisite. She reinvents the concept of love by discovering the pixie dust within her and sprinkling it along every step of her journey.

The modern-day fairy exists in us all.

Find her.

Know her.

Love her.

Share her.


Author: Kayla Murphy

Image: flickr/Sarah Zucca 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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