February 9, 2017

A Sweet, Steamy Love Letter to Yoga.

Yoga—sweet, sweet yoga.

All day and all night I think of you.

In my sleeping and waking hours I wait for you. I dream of you. The way you move me. The way you change me, from the inside.

Yoga—sweet, sultry, seductive yoga. Haven’t you learned by now? I am completely beholden to you. I am entirely, unabashedly yours.

Sweaty, steamy, soul-changing yoga: tell me what it is that you demand of me. I will give it to you without question. Without hesitation. Yoga, you have me on my knees. You have my attention completely.

For you will live within me. The smell, the sound of you. The feeling as my body opens. All day I hum your tune, waiting for you, expecting you. Hoping only for you to have your way with me.

Dangerous, delicious yoga. You follow me, dancing behind all my thoughts, all of my movements. Your breath. Those long, low exhales that I live for. The heat of you surrounding me, enveloping me. Play me your sweet, soft melodies. Breathe into me new life. As I come and go, as I live my life, please know: all I want is you.

I’ll hang my coat upon you, yoga. I’ll lean my heavy head upon your heart. Take your hands and fix me. Realign me. Set me right again. Sing to me from the muscles of my body how deeply you care, how meticulously you will caress me back into being. Take your magic and let it run through me. Let it change me.

Yoga—sweet, sweet yoga. How selflessly you offer yourself to me. How you unfold from within me every time I ask for you. You roll through my limbs—waves in an ocean of becoming.

Not once have you betrayed me. Not once have you let me down. And so I am committed to you and you only. I am beholden and bound and star-struck in front of you. I gaze at you longingly, dreamily.

My body, it calls for you. In the depths of my cells, a prescription is written that only you can fill. Come then, satiate this craving. Be the one I’ve been waiting for. Move me. I am yours for the taking. So have me. Show me how you want me to be.

Holy, heavenly yoga. Never have I committed to something so completely. I have been present to nothing so wholly. Each day I give myself to you, and each day you respond with hands outstretched, palms open, offering gifts. You never leave me wanting. And so I will always come back for more.

So take me as I am and make me into the self you know me to be.

I am your plaything, yoga. I am your sweet, sweaty, timid and tireless plaything. So have me. Make me. Hold me. Wrap your arms around me from the inside. Be unafraid, please: tread not lightly. For I am here before you to be changed by you.

I bow my head to you.

I am yours, I am yours, I am yours.


Author: Boo Geisse

Image: Cecille Photography

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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Read 9 comments and reply

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