Contemplative Art: 10 Stunning Works.

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“Today’s Plein air painting of fog looming over the foothills. Toward the end, the oil began to freeze a bit, as the temperature hovered at 23°F (-5°C). The fog stuck around just long enough for me to record it in paint.” ~ Remington Robinson

Plein air painting is a form of concentrative meditation to me.

I explore how humanity touches the spaces we share: the urban environments in which we live, and the natural world that we either cherish, protect or destroy.

I hope that the viewers will depart from my work with a renewed sense of hope about the world—with a feeling of a more genuine connectedness to nature and reality.


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Freshly completed plein air painting “Bluebird Winter Flatirons”, oil on panel, 18″ x 24″. This was a two day plein air painting, which I was only able to work on for about an hour and a half each day due to lighting conditions. Today, on day three, I went back to take this photo, and as soon as I had set up the (still wet) painting, a rogue gust of wind sent it face down into a gravelly snow bank! Also, all my turpentine spilled, and one of my tripod legs bent. I spent about 45 minutes restoring the painting to nearly its original state, and learned my lesson: make sure the easel is secure FIRST THING! I guess things could have been worse. Monet once was painting in a storm under some cliffs next to the sea, and a rogue wave came up and carried him and all of his things into the sea, nearly killing him!

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About Remington Robinson

Remington Robinson is an artist living in Boulder, Colorado. He has been inspired by and has pursued art for much of his life. As the son of an architect, inspiration at a young age came from doodling with drafting templates and rulers in his father’s office, and as well from living with the numerous paintings created by his great-Grandfather, the Cleveland impressionist painter August Biehle. Although a classically trained realist painter, Remington has also enjoyed experimenting with different styles, including impressionism, surrealism, visionary, abstract and non-objective art. In his formal training he pursued a fine arts degree at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Lakewood, CO, where he earned a BFA in 2010. Connect with Remington on his website.


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