February 14, 2017

How Each Zodiac Sign Prefers to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed. 


When Valentine’s Day arrives, many of us wonder what to do to celebrate it and what gift to offer the one we love.

Whether the relationship is a week old or has gone on for what feels like a lifetime, it can still be a little perplexing wondering exactly what makes our partner tick. Not everyone is forthcoming when it comes to revealing their innermost desires.

Therefore, here is an alternative approach to gaining insight into someone’s Valentine’s preferences. By looking at their zodiac sign traits, we receive the opportunity to look from a slightly different angle and choose something that suits their characteristics without having to ask directly what they might want to do or receive.

Below is a Valentine’s Day guide for each zodiac sign:


Aries are possibly the least organized sign of the zodiac, therefore it is less about whether or not they actually want to do something for Valentine’s Day, and more about whether they take a break from their hectic schedule and get around to planning something. The same goes for buying gifts; they will likely have thought about what to purchase a million times over, but just won’t have taken the steps to actually get it.

Fortunately, Aries are spontaneous so they will likely arrange a passionate, fiery hot night and find the perfect gift right at the last minute.

Aries are the most competitive, adventurous, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate sign of the zodiac and they adore a partner who will keep up with their stamina and strength—both in the bedroom and outdoors.

A weekend break to explore a new city, or cooking delicious food over a campfire deep in the middle of a breathtaking forest are sure-fire ways to capture the heart of an Aries.

Aries like to receive a lot of reassurance, so on Valentine’s Day they appreciate anything that validates how much they mean to their partner, as it will soothe and calm their demanding heart. 

Aries are the least materialistic sign, but for ideas on purchasing the right gift, think in terms of timesaving I inventions that will help them squeeze their chores and tasks into the shortest amount of time possible.

As they are also highly passionate and adore seducing their partner, a gift to enhance pleasure in the bedroom will always go over well.

Otherwise, Aries will appreciate tickets to watch a sporting event or an active, thrilling and challenging day participating in an adventurous pursuit, for example: motorcar racing, orienteering, archery, rock climbing, abseiling or basically any extreme sport that will push them to their limits and test their warrior-esque, competitive, fearless spirit.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, highlighting their desire for beauty, comfort, luxury and expensive possessions.

Sensuality is the only word required for Tauruses on Valentine’s Day—they are simple, understated but highly romantic and thoughtful.

Candlelight, softly playing music and nourishing food are all aphrodisiacs to a Taurus—and so is taking it slow and steady. They don’t like to be rushed along, so gentleness and tenderness are key ingredients for Valentine’s night.

Although Tauruses love luxury and to eat out at the finest restaurants, they are also homebodies who adore when their partner takes time to lovingly prepare and cook their favorite foods.

The type of gift a Taurus would appreciate is something that offers them an unforgettable experience that they can fondly look back on in the years to come. Therefore, tickets to their favorite theatre show accompanied with a hotel stay or something that adds a personal touch, for example, booking lessons or a class that will help to enhance their hobby or interest.

Tauruses appreciate quality more that quantity, so if the price is a determining factor, it is better to keep the gift small and expensive rather than large and cheap.


Geminis love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional way, so fine dining with a bottle of champagne and neatly gift-wrapped tokens of love will impress their heart.

Communication is the Gemini’s forte. However, that’s only if they’re in the mood to talk, as they can be sulky and withdrawn if things don’t go their way.

If love is in the air for a Gemini, their ideal date will be somewhere where they can freely express themselves. Seducing a Gemini quite simply involves stimulating their mentally active mind with intellectual, fascinating and challenging conversation.

They like to be kept entertained and intrigued as they can be quite fickle and their attention span wanes when they get bored, making them easily distracted.

The least favorite subject they like to discuss is their emotions, which they tend to keep bottled up—until they fizz and unexpectedly explode, which can be either a positive or negative experience depending on which emotions spill out.  

Geminis are charming and highly flirtatious, so they enjoy teasing and seducing their partner. A night exploring one another’s bodies and experimenting to discover new ways of physically communicating will be at the top of their list of perfect ways to spend Valentine’s Day list.

Geminis are also mischievous, playful, curious and imaginative, so a date infused with fun, fantasy and frolicking—whether in the bedroom or outdoors—is the ideal way to keep them smitten and their interest in love high.

As Geminis are ruled by their minds, the ideal gift for them would be the latest technological gadget that helps them to maintain organization and communicate freely with everyone in their lives. They are also avid readers, so an ebook reader loaded with a few engaging books could be a winner, or a CD to learn a new language of a country they are hoping to travel to or possibly a journal to detail their latest adventures and meticulously plan their future ones.


Cancer is in love with love, so even the smallest gesture on Valentine’s Day will be enough to sweep them off their feet. Handwritten love notes, home-baked, heart-shaped cookies or anything with an old-fashioned or traditional tone to it will be gratefully received.

They are sweet, kind, emotional, sensual, sensitive and extremely faithful lovers, which means that generally they just enjoy spending their quality time giving and receiving love.

Cancer is family oriented and homely, therefore, a handmade, artistic gift centered on their loved ones and something they can treasure and appreciate every day will be warmly received. Suggestions for a gift would be to frame a photograph of when their romance first began or to arrange to have their favorite quote inscribed on a plaque so that they can hang it on a wall.

The magic of Valentine’s Day will be felt for Cancers when nostalgia meets romance and a memory from the past has had a loving touch added to it.


Leos are magnetic, charismatic personalities who love to be pampered and spoiled. Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year when they want to be shown exactly how much they mean to their loved one.

Lavish declarations of love are greatly appreciated by a Leo, who can be materialistic and a little superficial. They like to know that their loved one has gone to a whole lot of trouble to choose a gift that suits the regal, egotistical side of their personality.

Therefore, it is important for a Leo’s partner to remember that if the gift itself isn’t spectacular, as long as it is wrapped with precision, maybe including, large, colorful bows and care, the majestic lion will feel suitably loved.

The lions of Leo are magnificent creatures who love the drama and attention that Valentine’s Day brings, so they hope to be treated accordingly—which means flair and extravagance will be the themes of their day.

They are also highly understanding and if their loved one cannot afford elaborate gifts and an evening of splendor, they will be just as happy being pampered and showered with love and affection in their home.

The types of gifts Leos appreciate are ones that ensure they are well taken care of and perceived as precious cargo. Therefore, spa days, being waited on hand-and-foot at a luxurious hotel or, if at home, having their loved one prepare them a lavish meal while tending to their every need is a Leo’s dream.

When purchasing flowers or chocolates for a Leo—or any gift that takes size into consideration—bigger is without doubt always better.


Virgos are not overly impressed by materialism, therefore they will appreciate a gift that shows deep thought, consideration and, most importantly, attention to detail.

Intellect and practicality are two things to consider for Virgos, so books or health and lifestyle-centered offerings will find a way into their heart.

Virgos have a strong need for perfection and can be immensely critical, which can be off-putting for partners choosing a gift or a way to celebrate. They may experience fear or stress of getting it wrong. However, they don’t criticize to be hurtful, it is just in their nature to analyze and critique.

Virgos love absorbing new information and making sense of the world as a whole. Gift ideas could include a book on their favorite subject or even a uniquely-styled bookcase to store some of their ever-growing collection.

This is the most likely sign of the zodiac to gratefully receive a kitchen gadget without questioning it. Anything that helps them streamline their day, become more efficient, organized and keeps their working space neat and tidy is always a win.

Although Virgos may appear straight-laced and sensible at first glance, when they feel comfortable and confident with their partner, they are possibly the wildest, most adventurous and open-minded sign of the zodiac when it comes to sex. The more they trust their partner, the more likely they are to lose their inhibitions and be seen naked—which includes emotionally, mentally and physically.


Librans are born romantics who love to be in love. However, to remain in love their relationship needs to be balanced and harmonic.

Librans can be a little shallow as they are visually oriented and appreciate sophistication and beauty. Any gift that enhances their appearance is highly recommended. They are also impressed by art and culture, so a painting of a stunning city they have visited, or a trip to see one of the natural wonders of the world will please their heart and eyes.

Librans generally prefer their partners to choose how to spend Valentine’s night, as they are terrible at making decisions. They weigh everything first and always find a balance, so they will not be able to pick out one option from another. They often agree upfront, but then can become irritable if plans don’t turn out as hoped.

Librans usually appreciate a special occasion if their partner surprises them with a stress-free date based on their mutual interests.

Although they do like their space, they far prefer to do things in pairs, hence the scales, which symbolizes their star sign. So, basically, as long as they aren’t left alone and they can romantically engage with the one they love, they will feel loved and perfectly satisfied.

Librans have a great interest in music, so they will be happy with CDs or a gift card so that they can listen to new tunes, or tickets to see their favorite band live in concert.

Librans adore receiving gifts, so if buying numerous gifts, wrap them separately. They love to see that their loved one has spent time and attention wrapping, so it is advisable to give just as much care to the external packaging as to what is within it.


Scorpios are emotionally intense and can keep their feelings guarded and secretive. They are the most mysterious sign and the least likely to wear their heart on their sleeve. This can be problematic for them if their loved one isn’t aware of this. Basically, it’s better not to take it personally if Scorpios aren’t upfront and expressive with how they feel. It is less about the person they are with and more about how they themselves are able to handle their emotions.

Despite the fact that they are often reticent when it comes to declarations of love, when they fall in love, they fall hard and fast. This leads to intensity within a relationship that can terrify some of the more cautious and wary souls and this is also why Scorpios are often the most misunderstood and feared sign.

They are strong and silent characters and they express themselves poetically through alternative channels. They are also highly introspective and, rather than verbally explaining how they feel, they are far more likely to communicate through writing or painting to process and convey their emotions.

Scorpios like to be in control and can be bold and quite forceful at times and this means they know exactly what they want and how to go about getting it. On Valentine’s Day, they will be the most likely one to decide how and where it is going to be spent and, unless they have overcome their fear of sharing emotions, it is likely to be a romantic evening with a lot of activity—but less likely one where they verbally communicate how they feel.

When planning a date, or if they are being taken on one, they are far more likely to want to get away somewhere quiet and tranquil without too much drama or interruption from other people around them.

A candlelit dinner for two in a small, refined restaurant or driving out to a small, country pub would suit Scorpios perfectly well.

It is well known that Scorpios have electric, magnetic and somewhat spellbinding personalities and their partner’s often feel powerfully drawn to them without being able to effectively explain why.

Scorpios in committed relationships usually have extraordinarily passionate love lives and their sex drive can be off the scale. Therefore, their ideal way to spend their Valentine’s Day would be exploring their sensual, passionate and sexual sides with their loved one.

A gift for a Scorpio absolutely has to come from the heart; they have all-seeing, all-knowing eyes and they are able to sense the intention behind everything. They cannot bear anything fake or things that have only been bought to impress. It won’t matter whether it is expensive or the cheapest item from the store, if it has meaning and depth behind it, it will be adored by the Scorpio who receives it—especially if it has a hand-written note accompanying it.


Sagittarians are sociable souls who enjoy celebrating somewhere where there is a highly-charged, party atmosphere. However, they are passionate, energetic adventurers by heart, so they also adore setting off at the last minute to explore foreign land.

They are free-spirited wanderers who do not appreciate being tied down in life or in love. Although they are capable of devoting themselves to one person for a lifetime, they only remain truly happy and fulfilled if they have the space to breathe without rules, regulations and restrictions—otherwise, they quickly become restless.

As Sagittarians love to travel, a guidebook for a place they plan to explore or a map-reading course will help to quell their travel bug until they get chance to take off again.

A more personal touch could be a piece of jewelry or a keepsake with something that symbolizes adventure, for example, an Earth pendant, a bangle with “an ocean of love” engraved on the inside or a wallet or purse with a tree or leaves printed on it will serve as a daily reminder of the natural world.


Capricorns are reserved with their emotions, so they are possibly the least romantic sign of the zodiac. They will go to all lengths to avoid having to publicly declare their innermost emotions. It isn’t that they don’t feel things deeply, they just don’t like being put under pressure to say things just because they feel forced to on a particular day of the year.

They are the most likely sign to be introverted and do not like to engage in over-the-top public displays of affection. The ideal Valentine’s date for a Capricorn would be heading off somewhere no one knows them, with phones turned off so they cannot be disturbed and where they can spend quality time with their loved one.

Capricorns devote themselves once they find their true love and they hope to receive similar commitment in return. On Valentine’s Day, anything that signals that their loved one intends to spend their future days with them will please and calm their hearts.

Whether it’s a romantic note written inside a card or a piece of jewelry as a statement of how much they are thought of and appreciated, Capricorns like to have the peace of mind that they are loved and important in their partner’s eyes.

Capricorns tend to be traditional when it comes to going on a date, so they would appreciate either a romantic dinner for two at their favorite eatery or a night away in an old remote castle where they can simply love and be loved.


This sign is the most independent and unpredictable of the zodiac, and the least likely to be single. Those that are in a relationship need to retain their independence and freedom otherwise they feel suffocated.

Therefore, although Aquarius’ love to be loved, they also prefer an arm’s length between them and the person sprinkling attention and affection all over them.

Often the Aquarius is far too busy with life to pause for romance, so when they do pledge their love to someone, it means they have found someone who they deem worthy of taking up their free time.

Aquarians love to be surprised, therefore, it won’t matter what type of evening is planned—it will be appreciated all the same as they believe wholeheartedly that it’s the thought that counts.

The only thing to remember with an Aquarius is that they are rebellious, unconventional souls who don’t follow the status quo. Therefore, it’s likely that they won’t buy into the whole Valentine’s Day hearts and roses scenario, as they do not enjoy following the crowd. However, they still love the entire concept of love and, because of that, they’ll appreciate any tokens of affection from their loved one.

They love the planet and are often humanitarians, so celebrating Valentine’s by spending time with nature, tuning into the earth and appreciating its beauty will suit Aquarians perfectly.


Pisces are highly intuitive, sensitive and sentimental creatures. They want magic, enchantment and mystery to be felt in abundance on their Valentine’s date. A moonlit walk through a tranquil village or watching the sun set over the ocean are the type of dates that captures a Piscean’s heart.

Pisces like to be chased in the old-fashioned courtship, slow-and-steady type way. The most important thing for Pisces is that their partner is gentle and tender as their sensitivities are so enhanced that they perceive being rushed or coerced into anything as harsh and offensive.

They want to be charmed and romanced slowly and have their hearts set on a fairytale ending with a soul mate. They have their heads in the clouds a lot of the time, however, it is because they aim so high that they often achieve exactly what it is they are dreaming of, which includes a harmonious relationship with someone who is their perfect match.

The ideal gift for a Pisces would be anything with a spiritual meaning. Crystals, mindful books, a Himalayan salt lamp, tarot cards or an alternative healing session would resonate strongly with a Pisces. They are fascinated with learning so they may even appreciate learning a new hobby or skill to compliment their empathetic personality, so, booking them a session to learn yoga, meditation or tai chi would also be welcomed.

Whichever way Valentine’s Day is celebrated, it is a good opportunity to remember Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, and his message of joining together in holy matrimony those who were in love. It is an annual opportunity to spread love and celebrate romance by expressing our affection and devotion to the one we have chosen to share our lives with, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.


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