February 21, 2017

If You Love an Intuitive, Old-Soul Pisces, Read This.

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Magic is a bridge that allows you to move from the visible world into the invisible. And learn the lessons of both.” ~ Paulo Coelho


Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, representing unity and the completion of a cycle.

As the zodiac rotates, Pisceans step into each sign and empathize deeply as they go. This gives them an immense amount of understanding and compassion toward others. They feel as though they have walked in the shoes of others for long enough to understand them.

You will notice that your Piscean loved one has a light, enchanting and ancient old soul, as they are believed to have reincarnated many times over.

Pisces is symbolized by the image of two fish that are swimming in different directions, one facing upward and the other facing downward. This depicts how Pisceans live a dual existence with one foot in the ethereal and the other in the earthly world.

If you love a Piscean, it is worth paying attention to the words of warning or advice they offer, as they are known to have the gift of prophecy.

A relationship with a Pisces will be extraordinary and incomparable to anything you’ve experienced before.

Your loved one was born under the sign of the mystics, the martyrs, the artists, the musicians, the poets, the romantic dreamers and the sinners who turn to saints.

Your Piscean is ruled by enchanted Neptune, which is known as a mysterious, otherworldly planet. You may have noticed that your beloved lives in their imagination, which feels realer than reality, as it consists of magic, mystery and miracles.

Many Pisceans spent their childhood daydreaming, immersed in fairytales or fantasy worlds. When they reach adulthood, their fantasizing doesn’t leave, as their sensitivities are so enhanced that reality can feel terrifying and harsh. Fantasy becomes a welcome escape.

More than anything in the universe, Pisceans desire a spiritual bond with someone whom they share an intense and surreal out-of-this-world connection. If you are willing to lie with them under the midnight stars on a full moon and converse about celestial events and the wonders of the universe, they will never want to let you go. Pisceans are mermaids/men at heart, so their perfect date would be a long, enchanting barefoot walk along a beach, feeling the waves crashing against their naked skin.

When you’re in their company, it can feel as though they aren’t fully present and, as they gaze into the distance, it can appear as though they are somewhere else in their thoughts. Pisceans don’t usually appreciate being nudged out of their dreamlike state, so if you love them, leave their free spirit in peace to roam and explore every magnificent corner of their mind, as this is where most of their adventures take place and where their artistic creations are born.

You may find that the love you share with this Piscean is a little pressurized at times—if they connect deeply with you, they may begin to idealize you and place you on a pedestal where they will view you as a god or goddess to be worshipped and cherished. You may also find that they become lost within your love, as they are so in love with the sensation of giving and receiving love that they forget the need to ground and center themselves.

Do not be afraid if they introduce you to the intangible world, as they are often channeling entities that are not visible to the naked eye. Pisceans are fascinated by anything that offers an enhanced connection to the Earth and also to their ancestors. Therefore, you will probably find crystals, dream catchers, tarot cards, essential oils, incense, sage, meditation cushions and yoga mats sprinkled all over their homes.

Pisces are highly sensitive and empathetic beings; therefore, they feel the joy and pain of everything that lives and they suffer badly for it. However, they often find ways of turning their suffering into art and use their creations as healing tools.

You will notice that the Piscean you love has a wide-open heart that forgives and forgets almost instantly. This is because they are immensely compassionate and look at situations from an outside perspective. They have the ability to instinctively tap into how you, or others, may be feeling, and this gives them profound insight into why certain things are said or done.

Be gentle while touching their tender hearts, as your Piscean has likely been hurt and betrayed many times due to their naïve and trusting nature. They often forget that not everyone in the world feels as intensely as they do. They have been vulnerable in the hands of those who intended to cause harm.

Fortunately, Pisceans are a resilient water sign with a warrior spirit, finding ways to maneuver around obstacles that get in their way.

If conflict occurs in your relationship, your Piscean love will usually offer many chances for redemption as they have empathetic hearts. However, if they feel that their sensitive nature is being taken advantage of, they may begin to mistrust you and wish to leave the relationship.

Pisceans may withdraw into themselves to balance and recharge their energy. Do not be concerned if they need a lot of alone time. Generally, Pisceans are introverts, which means they spend a lot of time in their heads since they are energized internally.

The only time your loved one will need a gentle nudge to come back down to earth is if they are not pursuing their personal passions and soul mission, as they may drift off into Wonderland and become significantly detached from reality. To achieve harmony, Pisceans need to have a purpose, and it is usually one that benefits humanity or Mother Earth.

Pisceans’ hearts break for the world and you will possibly find them sobbing over the tragic scenes they have seen in the news or you may find them consumed by the sadness of someone else’s trauma. Other people’s pain and suffering becomes their own, and rather than tell them to “get over it,” embrace them warmly and let them know that you understand that their heart bleeds profusely for the injustices and struggles of the world.

Pisceans are extremely receptive to energy, so they will absorb your emotional state and know how you are feeling likely before you’ve had a chance to figure it out for yourself.

They are highly intuitive and will immediately know if you are lying to them. One of the worst things you can say to a Piscean is that their intuition is wrong when it is right. Their intuitive sense is their greatest superpower and it is what keeps them safe in this confusing and bewildering world, so if they start to doubt it, they can put themselves in great danger in a variety of ways.

Pisceans’ lives are often messy, unconventional and unstructured as they have little interest in control and order. They far prefer to listen to the messages encapsulated within universal energy, paying attention to de ja vu, synchronicities and serendipities.

Pisceans are highly emotional souls, and in romance, all they truly want is a lover who is also their best friend. They crave someone with whom they can share the wonders of the universe and form a deep and intense emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bond.





Author: Alex Myles

Image: PiX Fav/Flickr

Editor: Travis May


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Leslie Moon Mar 9, 2018 2:58am

Uhhh wow, its like I was reading about me and I'm a full saggitarius. I know not everyone is alike in these ways just because of Thier sign. But I'm the one trying to ground him with the salt lamps, crystals, body work, and literally a dream catcher above our heads. I'm the empath and try to get him to feel me and others. I'm the old soul in the relationship. Yeah you could say he's in a dream world, but the one he's in is about his feelings lol. I love him madly, but he's work.

Michele Louise Sep 16, 2017 6:58pm

Kay Garcia I, also, "fairly" recently started really delving into astrology and have been more than taken aback by the accuracy. The divine order with which our world was created is literal perfection. Astronomy was removed from what we know today as Christianity some 1600+ years ago. It should also be noted that I wasn't even a believer in a higher power (God) until april 18th of this year. The gaps I've been able to fill by actually implementing Biblical principalities in my life is quite astounding. It becomes more and more evident that the Bible is spot on. The correlations and intertwined divinity is perfection. If you were/are anything like me, venturing this avenue will leave you even more in awe. Bless.

Evelin Kovacs May 18, 2017 12:39pm

Couldn't have described better. :) Thanks

Andrew Sanders May 18, 2017 12:00pm

the young ones or like she said forgets to ground them selfs or center thier selfs..

Ka Milla May 17, 2017 10:01pm

This is so me

Key Garcia Mar 31, 2017 4:53pm

Dear Judy, i'm so sorry to hear his passing. I'm a Pisces too, it's only recently that i became very interested in Astrology, i'm not easily impressed but Astrology impressed me enough (by reading, e.g.articles), so i became very interested. This article stunned me, it described a true Piscean like me well. It's either Alex, the author, was/is in love with a pisces or she's a pisces herself to describe and know us as right as this article she wrote. Again Judy i'm so sorry for your loss. Kay

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