February 8, 2017

Radically improve your Sex Life with one Simple Change. {Adult}

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The most basic elements of compatible, heterosexual sex include the man being erect and the woman being wet.

And tight. Most heterosexual men will agree that slipping into a snug, wet vagina feels fantastic. (Most women agree too.) In order to maintain that sensation of tightness, women typically clench (and unclench) their PC muscles during penetration. In fact, the “Squeeze and Release” technique is a popular and effective way to give both partners a rippling sensation of pleasure.

However, there’s another, simple way to change up the sensations that you both enjoy—one that will radically change your sex life forever.

The Blossoming Lotus/Blooming Yoni.

The Blossoming Lotus (or Blooming Yoni) is a technique that involves turning the “Squeeze and Release” method inside out…literally.

With this move, rather than clenching her PC muscles, the woman bears down, effectively pushing out against the penis. The result is a softening of the skin around the penis, combined with and supported by the strength of the vaginal wall.

For men, the sensation shifts from mere tightness (which is nice) to complete envelopment (which is transporting). For women, arousal sensations radiate from the inner, lower portion of the vagina to all the millions of nerves around the entry of the vagina, out to the clitoris and—at certain angles—even the anus.

How to “blossom.”

Here are the easy steps to achieve Blossoming Lotus:

1. Enjoy your preferred forms of foreplay as usual.

2. Move on to penetration, when ready. (Be sure your lady is well lubricated!)

3. Tip: For the first attempt, you may wish to try this technique in the rear entry or “doggie style” position. The pushing out movement is more natural from this angle, but it’s not required.

4. Important step: Allow sufficient time for the vagina and penis to “get acquainted” with one another through rocking, gentle thrusting or some other in-out-movement.

5. Once the penis and vagina have had a decent conversation with one another, the woman then relaxes her vaginal grip on the penis.

6. Finally, she begins to bear down as the man continues his in-out movements.

What is “bearing down”?

If you haven’t experienced childbirth, you may not be clear about what bearing down really means. It’s likely you’ve experienced it, though. Bearing down is the movement that the instructions in the tampon box tell us to do when removing a tampon. (Although, more often than not, we just yank on the tampon string like we’re pulling out a bathtub stopper, but never mind.)

To bear down, simply push your PC muscles outward, much like when you’ve just sat on the toilet in the airport ladies’ room after enjoying a 24-ounce lager at Sky Lounge, and you hear the announcement that your flight is boarding. You want to push that pee out as fast as you can. In the case of the Blossoming Lotus/Blooming Yoni, however, the bearing down action should not be rushed, but rather savored.

Friction is your friend.

Here’s what you might feel during the Blossoming Lotus/Blooming Yoni technique:

Women: Allow the sensations to move through your entire pelvic region. You should feel as though you are holding your partner’s penis ever so lightly, even to the point of pushing it out of your vagina (which, of course, you are not truly attempting to do).

Men: You don’t have to do much but enjoy. If you feel you’re slipping out of your partner’s vagina, push lightly against her outward flexing as you move inside her, allowing your penis to become fully enveloped by the vaginal wall.

How do you know you’re doing it right?

Sounds will change. Spiritual transportation to alternate dimensions may occur. At the very least, you’ll feel the flip side of the usual, which—especially in long-term relationships—is most certainly a bonus.

Happy loving!


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