February 10, 2017

The Best Thing to do with a Sweet Potato, & 5 (vegan, gluten-free) ways to Serve It.

This is just too good to keep to myself.

I’ve been telling everyone I know about this method of cooking sweet potatoes, and now I want to tell the world!

Drumroll, please…

I recently discovered that you can cook sweet potatoes in a toaster.

Yep, a classic, normal, upright toaster. It really, truly works.

And it is the easiest, fastest, maybe healthiest way of cooking them, too. If I did not genuinely believe this cooking method was the best thing ever and could make all of your lives better, I would not be taking the time to write this.

Here’s what to do:

1. Slice a sweet potato (I like to use the starchy, red ones that are white inside) into thin slices—around 1/4-inch thick at the very most. Keep the skin on.

2. Pop in the toaster, and toast for two, maybe three cycles on the highest setting.

*Note: Don’t just walk away—keep an eye on your sweet potato slices to make sure you don’t start a fire.

3. Remove from toaster and serve (suggestions below). It’s ready when soft inside, slightly browned, and a bit puffed out. It will also smell like a roasting marshmallow.

Because you can only make two to four slices at a time, this is an ideal meal or snack for one. Here are five delicious ways to serve it, which all happen to be free of gluten, meat and dairy—I’ve gone through the trouble of testing them all for you:

1. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bam. Simple and amazing.

2. Spread with hummus and garnish with crushed black pepper, or cayenne if you’re feeling feisty.

3. Top with a layer of tahini mixed with peanut butter and your sweetener of choice. Trust me.

4. Cover with mashed avocado, lime, sea salt and pepper.

5. Top with hummus and any combination of: sliced cucumber, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, sauerkraut. Why not?

Toast times may vary depending on the thickness of your slices and the heat of your toaster. Get creative with your toppings, and let me know what other amazing combinations you invent!



Bonus: Tim Brod—King of the Bees.


Author: Toby Israel

Image: Pixabay


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