February 1, 2017

Twin Flame Forecast for February: It’s Time to Reunite.

Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Love never gives up…” ~ Corinthians 1:13


If we have done the work, then the time is here to join with our twin flame.

We are each on a unique journey with our flame, and we’re not all meant to join with our love during this lifetime. Yet, we are seeing more and more flames moving on similar paths toward reunion.

It was important for us to have taken this journey together. We needed to experience all the stages of this type of love, because that is the only way to learn about ourselves and our place in this world.

Only our flame can elevate us in such a way that we come to see our divine purpose in this life.

The biggest lesson we’ve been trying to teach one another is this: In order to reunite, that connection can’t be the main focus of the relationship.

If we have done our deep soul work, then this month offers all the magic of finally bringing those twin flames together who are meant to join at this moment in time.

We are meant to be at different levels, because we’re supposed to help one another.

If we all arrived at the destination at the same time, there wouldn’t be any teachers to lead the way for others. That’s what this first large wave of flames has been doing—traversing this path and learning about this connection so that we might pass down our lessons to future flames.

We have been urged to make more mistakes than successes so that we might lead the movement toward higher love.

The past few years have been difficult for flames.

We had to watch our old lives be blown to smithereens. While they may have been comfortable, we weren’t fulfilling our divine purpose on this earth.

Yet, it wasn’t that simple. It never is, right?

Because once our old lives had died, we had to choose to discover who we really were when we weren’t using others as masks for our own radiant souls. We were challenged to find our own way and begin speaking up for the things that matter.

Those flames who are meant to join in this life? We’re also lightworkers.

Just as we were sent to teach and help build a different world, we also signed up to teach others how to connect with the highest divine love of their flames.

It hasn’t always been easy to continue to do the work that our souls signed up for, and at times we may have deviated from our path. No matter how difficult it has been, though, sooner or later we rise to our mission, because that is how a divine calling works. That is simply what is meant to be.

We had to give up on our flames—and that may have been the most difficult aspect to face.

We had to sit with the reality that maybe we aren’t meant to join in this life, or even that, maybe, they aren’t our twin flame. We had to let go—not just once, but countless times.

We have perfected the art of the non-permanent goodbye.

And even though it may have seemed foolish or convoluted, in order to do our work we really did need to say goodbye to our flames. We needed to lose the grasp that we had on what we wanted to be so that we could follow our calling.

The thing about our flames is, even if we’re separated by physical space, our spirits are always connected.

The fastest way to our flame is in fact through our self. If we run, or deny our inner light, then by extension we also push our flame away.

The only way to be ready for reunion is also to connect with our core self as deeply as we can—to no longer hide who we are, and be ready to embrace all of our beautiful chaos.

If we have done this during the past year, then our flame has also felt that and will have been on a similar journey, inspired by ours. We won’t ever join together if both flames don’t acknowledge this process of connection and love.

One of the most difficult aspects of twin flame love is acknowledging it and allowing ourselves to discover who that soul might be in this lifetime. In order to do that, we need to be able to talk about this esoteric concept and discuss with others if we both in fact think we are each other’s flame.

Each of us must come to an awareness on our own of who our flame is.

Through this process we also open our hearts to the divine, to God, because all along one of the biggest obstacles was trying to obtain divine love while leaving the divine out. Only through seeking the divine can we also discover our twin flame.

We can’t leave out the creator in a connection conceived in the heavens.

There is no set timeline for twin flames, and while a particular group may be cycling to join together now, there are others who are just meeting, or who are still enmeshed in the runner and chaser phase—but we are exactly where we are meant to be.

If we have done the work—if we have gotten to the root of who we truly are and let go of the expectation of results; opened our hearts to the divine connection of two souls created from one source—then this is the time.

It’s the time when two souls can finally feel what it’s like when we come together with our other half.

“We share a quiet confidence between us. With the knowledge that our frequencies operate at a level only we can understand.” ~ J. Iron Word


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Author: Kate Rose

Image: Anete Lūsina/Unsplash

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