February 22, 2017

We can’t Break Up with a Soulmate.


“Soulmate. A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet—a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them.” ~ Unknown


No matter how hard we try, there is just no breaking up with a soulmate.

It all happens in the blink of an eye on an ordinary day—a day we weren’t even fully aware would actually come—and changes the entire course of our lives.

One minute we were living life fine as we were, and the next it was turned upside down by the rush of energy, the change in vibration, from meeting a soulmate.

Perhaps we stumbled across them at the corner coffee shop on a rainy day, or maybe our car broke down and they were the one to come to our rescue. Or maybe it’s just that suddenly we opened our eyes and saw someone who had been in front of us in a whole new light.

Whatever way it happened is inconsequential, what does matter, however, is that they came into our lives. They moved with the clouds and suddenly, although everything was the same, it had also changed.

We were drawn to them like a moth to a flame, and it didn’t matter about the whys or what stood in the way, all that we knew is that we had to be close to this person—this soul that somehow called to ours in a different way than anyone else.

So we fell, or collided, like a thousand falling stars, and we felt that connection, that wholeness that comes from uniting with a soul whom we’ve shared many lifetimes with.

We felt the connection of our thoughts aligning, the depth of our emotions, the heights of spirituality—then we kissed and sparks flew, tilting us off of our axis that we had grown so comfortable on.

There was never a question of if we would come together, but rather how could we not.

Yet, as we often learn with age, love is never that simple and we don’t always end up with a soulmate.

So we struggled against the connection, we fought it and buried it. We cried as we held it in our arms, and our breath was taken away as we made love to it—but no matter what we did, we could just never make sense of it.

We didn’t know what it was, or more importantly, what we should do with it.

Somewhere between all the times we got it wrong and the nights we couldn’t stay away, we realized that maybe no matter what we felt, we had to break up. We had to say goodbye because we just couldn’t see any way that this would ever work.

So we left, or perhaps they were the one to leave us standing under the midnight moon as snowflakes softly coated the ground around us. But who did the leaving doesn’t even matter, because both felt the cut of an incision across their souls—souls that at one time were perfectly aligned.

And we got busy getting on with our lives.

We found happiness in the everyday moments that brought love to our hearts, yet no matter how busy we were or how distracted we were, all it would take was a moment to quiet our minds and realize that we could still feel them—our soulmate.

They were still there lingering haphazardly on the smoky edges of our consciousness, tempting us with a connection that no matter how difficult, never actually felt wrong. It was the flame to a fire that we had never expected to keep igniting.

It was always just there.

It didn’t matter where we traveled, who else we loved, or who we let make love to us—that soulmate was still there, their touch burning our skin and their lips staining our soul.

Our souls imprinted upon each other, and with that there was never an option to go back, never a moment to revert to life as we had known it or, even worse, pretend all together that they never existed.

And so we fell together and separated more frequently than the phases of the moon, although just as luminously. We made love and ran away; we shared our secrets and then pretended there was nothing special in the way we spoke. We laughed, then made the choice to forget they had become our greatest reason to smile.

We danced the waltz of love’s impossibility.

Because even after all this time, and all of the wounds that had yet to heal, we still weren’t done—we hadn’t discovered the purpose that our souls came into this life with. So even though we have listed all of the reasons why we shouldn’t love, we still do.

Time and time again.

Hoping, perhaps, that we will wear out our connection, or that we will finally receive a sign why this isn’t where we are meant to be—yet neither of those endings actually occur.

Despite the illusion of time and the downfall of our own humanness, we are still drawn to our soulmate—the one who came into our lives and changed everything by doing nothing more than being themselves.

So, maybe we finally gave up trying to separate. Perhaps we have submitted or, at the very least, surrendered to this connection that we were never able to define or label, and simply just accepted this love for what it was—a gift to us and part of our divine purpose.

Because the reality is, no matter how we might try, we just can’t break up with a soulmate.


“Don’t say a word. We have never needed them to communicate with one another. Whether it’s an energy or an ancient kinship between our souls. I don’t know. But whatever we have goes beyond language. Between us, even the silence is extraordinary. Even the stillness speaks.” ~ Beau Taplin





Author: Kate Rose

Image: D. Lila’s Photography By Brigitte Dee Fries

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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