March 9, 2017

Before you pursue a Strong Woman, Read This.

A strong woman—or “a woman of strength” as I like to call her—has a resilient spirit and a huge heart. She looks for the gold in every situation.

She endures pain, yet finds pleasure in the trauma. She’s experienced heartache, yet finds the diamond in every piece of her heart as she puts it back together. She needs no one, yet wants everyone. She feels deeply and shows gratitude.

She looks for balance, and she tries—with all her might—to take the highs with the lows, the good with the bad, and the pain with the joy.

Through being strong, she’s discovered what she wants and will pull out all the stops to get it. She’s also discovered this can cause her pain in the moment. If she stops to feel, it propels her forward. If she moves more quickly, it catches up with her and pulls her down.

She gives in to vulnerability when she needs to, yet she takes the time to acknowledge that it is necessary. When she feels it, the whole world knows.

She strives to be authentic at all times, and this can be one of her many blessings, but it can also be her curse, for people can take advantage of her honesty.

She can be quiet, but never still. Remember the saying “still waters run deep”? This is the mind of a strong woman. She may be quiet, but she is always thinking about how she can show up better in the world. She wonders how she can serve—how she can support—and this can drain her energy and leave nothing for herself.

She loves emotional intimacy. She loves to share her deepest, darkest fears with the people she trusts—and she expects them to share in return. She can, at times, forget that not all people are like her.

She fears nothing, yet hides from the crowd to simply observe the landscape. She will emerge when the time is right. For some, this may be never. She becomes the world’s best-kept secret.

She has an innate ability to seek out the truth, which means she is not tolerant of lies. She will call you out, not for hurting her, but for lying to her. She opens herself to being hurt, but the truth is—you cannot pull her down.

She is creative and brave, but also cautious about who she shares herself with. Not because she doesn’t trust, but because she’s like a ball of fire when she gets going.

She pushes you to be your best, but her intentions can be misunderstood. She might be accused of not caring—of being selfish or cold—but she just wants to show you the way.

She has high standards for herself and doesn’t always understand why everyone else doesn’t. She is a warrior, so going into battle never worries her. She comes from a place of love and gratitude for all humankind. She keeps her standards high to help raise the vibration of the planet. Her purpose is lost on many, but she still plows on.

She knows her flaws, and she works on them. She sees them as stepping stones toward her ultimate goal of emotional freedom.

She requires space, but not isolation, to be who she is—to love and endure the beauty of life. She wants to experience all the highs and lows, not alone, but with a kindred spirit. When she retreats, she is looking for grace—not solitude.

If you can relate to this strong woman, you are not alone. You are among the few, but connected to many.

Be strong. Be courageous. Be bold.

The world needs you.



Author: Ange Wilcock

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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angewilcock Jun 21, 2019 6:25pm

Mimi thank you. Yes, when we speak from our soul our heart hears every word xx

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Ange Wilcock

Ange Wilcock—phenomenal therapist, hypnotherapist, speaker, and trainer—started her career as a systems analyst because she enjoyed breaking things down into their single components, and then putting them back together again. These analytical skills have been transferred into her work today.

She has a mission for every human on the planet to feel enough. Ange calls this rejection-proof living! Ange has been able to develop unique style, techniques, and models as a result of working with clients over the last 30 years. She has developed Mindfulness-Based Story Telling (MBST), a deeper unraveling of our story and beliefs that hold us back, and the Evolutionary Model of Well-being (EMW). She has trained with the best—Marisa Peer, Anthony Robbins, Brene Brown to name but a few. Her love of people and continual learning has benefited her clients immensely.

Ange is one of the first 100 therapists in the world to have trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with the Marisa Peer Method School of Training, as part of her pioneer group and has brought the new modality to New Zealand. She is the first Certified RTT therapist in New Zealand. She brings a unique approach to her therapy, workshops, speaking roadshows, and retreats by combining professional and personal development, as she believes the two cannot be separated if you want a connected, purposeful and productive life and career.